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Beth Is On A Break!

For the 2014 wedding season, I will be taking a creative sabbatical. It is time, however bittersweet.

To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

For well over 20 years now, I’ve made my living from my photography work and specifically for the past 13 years my wedding photography work. I started real jobs in photography at 16. Worked at newspapers by 19. I started my own business at 24. I am now 37. Ahhhh, a lifetime!

After 406+ weddings, my eyes need a rest and I want a whole Maine summer off to be with my family.

So, OMG, I am on a break! But what will I do all week other than enjoy my Saturdays off?

While life unfolded,  I self-funded another company to bring more weddings to Maine’s shores— The Maine Wedding Company.  I grew this online publication on the side but it became a mad affair quickly; sneaking off to see it— like a mistress. It has unlocked a whole boatload of skills in me that I want to explore. I love the development, coding, working with members, creating content, public speaking, marketing…wow, just all of it. And I believe in it and its members too. I have to do it full time. I started a publishing company called MaggPress LLC that I am CEO starting Feb. 1. The Maine Wedding Company is its flagship site. I am beyond excited to indulge in this 100%!

I am not leaving photography.

In the past, I studied to be a Shakespearean, left to complete an MFA, tinkered with an MBA and even took all the classes needed to be a property appraiser. I always found a way back to photography and to this business. I do love it.  My life, my friends, my identity and my community is all photo-saturated. I still teach photography too! But alas, being a mom, shooting and running two businesses is getting tough— even for on this type A. So, off I go to take some time to figure out what I will do in 2015 and beyond.

AGAIN: To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

If you need a great Maine wedding photographer for 2014, please visit The Maine Wedding Company’s amazing photographer directory linked here.



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