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The following are avialable for sale:


Beth Is On A Break!

For the 2014 wedding season, I will be taking a creative sabbatical. It is time, however, bittersweet.

To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

For well over 20 years now, I’ve made my living from my photography work and specifically for the past 13 years my wedding photography work. I started real jobs in photography at 16. Worked at newspapers by 19. I started my own business at 24. I am now 37. Ahhhh, a lifetime!

After 406+ weddings, my eyes need a rest and I want a whole Maine summer off to be with my family.

So, OMG, I am on a break! But what will I do all week other than enjoy my Saturdays off?

While life unfolded,  I self-funded another company to bring more weddings to Maine’s shores— The Maine Wedding Company.  I grew this online publication on the side but it became a mad affair quickly; sneaking off to see it— like a mistress. It has unlocked a whole boatload of skills in me that I want to explore. I love the development, coding, working with members, creating content, public speaking, marketing…wow, just all of it. And I believe in it and its members too. I have to do it full time. I started a publishing company called MaggPress LLC that I am CEO starting Feb. 1. The Maine Wedding Company is its flagship site. I am beyond excited to indulge in this 100%!

I am not leaving photography.

In the past, I studied to be a Shakespearean, left to complete an MFA, tinkered with an MBA and even took all the classes needed to be a property appraiser. I always found a way back to photography and to this business. I do love it.  My life, my friends, my identity and my community is all photo-saturated. I still teach photography too! But alas, being a mom, shooting and running two businesses is getting tough— even for on this type A. So, off I go to take some time to figure out what I will do in 2015 and beyond.

AGAIN: To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

If you need a great Maine wedding photographer for 2014, please visit The Maine Wedding Company’s amazing photographer directory linked here.



Lewis and Drew’s Fall Kennebunkport, Maine Wedding

* To view Lew and Drew’s entire wedding collection, please visit:

Fall in Maine is amazing. Gold leaves, crisp air, pumpkins— everywhere. The first few weeks of October are  simply delightful here for weddings. And that’s what Lewis and Drew were counting on when they held their wedding at On The Marsh in Kennebunkport, Maine in mid October.  And that’s what they got….GORGEOUS! Lew and Drew (just sounds great saying their names… doesn’t it?) gathered their friends and family outdoors for their traditional ceremony beneath a picture-perfect Fall landscape. Then they escaped the evening chill for packed and cozy  reception room. Everyone celebrated, danced and partied. It was amazing and sweet and fun and lovely. Congrats guys! You are wonderful new friends/clients… my perfect pair… come have drinks with me again soon. I enjoyed capturing all your moments. Enjoy a few favs….. so much more to see too! All my love, Beth :)


Photos by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with second shooter Kyle Burnell

Invitations: Etsy/Bay Side Printing
Gown designer: Essense of Australia
Dress purchased at: Madeleine’s Daughter
Hair: Salon at 903
Makeup: Joya Beauty
Bridesmaid Dress By: Bill Levkoff
Florist: Dover Flower Studio
Ceremony Venue: On The Marsh
Officiant: Pastor Mark Rideout
Music Ceremony: The Music Man
Reception Venue: On The Marsh
Reception Venue Host: Alexandra kennedy
Music Reception: The Music Man
Cake or Treats: Let them eat cake
Favors: Bride made, candy apples
Honeymoon: Hawaii

Lindsay and Justin’s Caswell Farm Maine Wedding

* To view Lindsay and Justin’s entire wedding collection, please visit:

How he proposed…

Lindsay and Justin decided to go up north to Quebec CIty for The Winter Carnival – an amazing chilly weekend in the historic city. With strategic planning, they decided to drive half way up on a Thursday night, so they could drive through Canada in the daylight.

They booked a room at the Moose River Lodge & Motel, and tiny B&B in the middle of no-where. With frozen pipes and a snowstorm pounding down, they enjoyed their “rustic” stay. Early Friday morning after an amazing breakfast of french toast, sausages and strawberries, they finished up the trip and found their adorably tiny dwelling, Hôtel le Cavalier du Moulin, right in the center of the old city.

Lindsay and Justin quickly unpacked, and loaded on the layers. It was known that the city was cold and windy that weekend, but that wasn’t even close to a proper description. They layered on around multiple shirts, jackets, snow pants, full head masks and ski goggles so not an inch of skin was showing. Mittens, boots, 13 layers of socks and a hot beverage in hand, and they were off for a day of exploring. They found ice luges to sled down, skating rinks, a tiny corner bar to sip a beer and play Yahtzee! and hot tubs to relax in – outside hot tubs!! Everything was coated in icicles!

That night for dinner, they found a delicious restaurant, and immediately made friends with the people sitting next to them – he was from Cali too – their high schools had played water polo against each other, and they discussed all the interstates and exits that North Cali had to offer. After an amazing dinner, Lindsay and Justin made their way winding through the old streets – deserted of all cars and people, surprising on such a HUGE weekend! Walking down one particular European street, they passed a large window front, elaborately adorned with every kitchen gadget one could ask for. Reverting back to a childhood game, they faced the window and Lindsay asked “if you could pick anything in this window, what would you pick?” And Justin confidently mentioned that he could see her in the reflection, and claimed “So I would choose you!” and got down on one knee to propose.

After a happy break dance in the middle of the street, Lindsay and Justin both promised to make each other happy for the rest of their lives, and got themselves together for a celebratory cocktail at the amazing Chateau Frontenac.



  • Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald
  • Day of Coordinator:  Catherine Caswell, Caswell Farm with  friend,  Jessie
  • Dress Alterations: Maria Antoinette
  • Hair and Makeup: friend, Stepheney
  • Ceremony Venue: Caswell Farm
  • Officiant: friend, Brianne Martin
  • Music Ceremony: cousin
  • Reception Venue: Caswell Farm
  • Catering: Sweet and Savory Catering
  • Music Reception: DJ Jim
  • Cake: Sweet and Savory Catering










Blush Wedding Album Sale- Now 15% Off!

Dearest 2013 Blush brides and grooms, (check your email for the full price sheet I just sent out guys!)

I want to thank each and every one of you for a a picture perfect 2013 wedding season for us here at Blush Imagery. We had a blast with you all! I hope all of you are settling into married life well! Now, It’s time to make your wedding album and holiday gifts!

Blush wedding albums

All Blush albums include design, 3 rounds of changes/revisions via online preview, binding and delivery.  Order an exact duplicate of any album and receive 30% off that second book.  An additonal 15% is taken off your entire order amount for this sale. Yeah!

Steps to complete a Blush wedding album:

1. Make a folder in your Pictage account. Call it “JennAlbum” or something similar. (Yes, we will be extending any Pictage accounts that expired for the album, holiday season.)
2. Send Blush an email to to tell us your album order, tell us your album online folder name. It should be ready to go with the correct number of photos— with pics placed in a desired order. Offer us any other specific instructions or design request needed within that same email too.
3. Blush will send you an invoice to pay for your album, showing with the 15% off sale price, of course!
4. Pay the invoice.
5. Blush will send you a design of your book online and we begin any revisions together as needed.


Now,  if you decide to do your own consumer album with you digital files, we recommend using Blurp. And for fun creative products, we love Minted. Also, your Pictage account has a ton of wall art and cards for holiday gifts.

Christina and Jonathan’s Bar Harbor Club Wedding

* To see all of Christina and Jonathan’s images when available, please visit:

Blush: Why did you choose to wed in Maine?

Christina: Jon’s family has a cabin in Otis, ME and we started going up there a month after we met. Every time we went to the cabin we always took a day trip into Bar Harbor or Arcadi Park and thought it was so beautiful up there. We always said even when we first started dating that when we got married we would do it in Bar Harbor. We both love the how clean and beautiful it is up there.
Blush: What are you most excited about your wedding day? What is your biggest concern for your wedding day?
Christina: I am most excited about marrying my best friend and having our closest friends and family there to be part of it. I just can’t wait to officially be Mrs. Allen! I also can’t wait to be on the dance floor surrounded by loved ones. My biggest concern for the wedding is weather. I am hoping the weather is good so we can have our ceremony outside because the view is worth the drive.
With that said my other concern is people that I really want there won’t make it because of the 5+ drive.
Blush post-wed: Well guys, the weather was amazing and the dancefloor was packed. So I think it was a pefect day. You guys were DREAM clients for me… I adored all your family and guests and loved being with you for this great day! Congrats Christina, Jonathan and baby Samantha!  Happy, happy life to you!!! XOXO Beth :)
Maine Wedding Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald
Event Planner / Coordinator: Christine Brome, Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
 Invitations: Nicole Dimarco
Gown designer: Allure
Dress purchased at: Bridal and Gift II
Hair: Leah Sugrue (friend)
Makeup:  Leah Sugrue
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jordan Pesce
Florist: Fleurishes Floral & Event Design
Ceremony Venue: Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
Reception Venue: Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
Officiant: Barbara Colby
Music Ceremony: Northeast Event and Design
Catering: Bar Harbor Club
Music Reception: Northeast Event and Design
Cake or Treats: Janice Strout
Event Lighting: Northeast Event and Design








Parny and Justin’s Newagen Seaside Inn wedding

To view this entire collection when available, please visit:

Our Proposal Story, by Parny:

It was early December and Justin suggested we swap Christmas ornaments and make it a tradition going forward as we just moved into a new home and it would be nice to build up an inventory of ornaments. I thought it was a great idea and suggested we do it right away. But Justin had other plans in mind. He suggested we wait until December 22nd when we had our Christmas date night planned. Every year around Christmas we go to our favorite restaurant in Boston – 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill. So December 22nd finally came and dinner reservations were made for 8 pm. We got ready and around 5:45 we decided to swap ornaments. I gave him mine and then he gave me his. I took the top off the box and there lay a snowman holding a sign “Parny will you marry me?” and simultaneously Justin got off the couch next to me and down on one knee. I immediately started crying, said “yes” and the rest is history!

Beth’s note: Congrats Justin and Parny! Here is a video sample of highlights of your day to enjoy!



  • Event Planner / Cordinator: Sheron Morrissey
  • Invitations: William Arthur
  • Gown designer: Ulla-Maija Couture
  • Dress purchased at:Allegria Bridal
  • Hair: A Cut Above – Bonnie
  • Makeup:About Face Cosmetics
  • Bridesmaid Dress By: Siri
  • Florist:Emily Carter Floral Designs
  • Ceremony Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Officiant: Reverand Kit Sherrill
  • Music Ceremony: Diamond Cove Trio
  • Reception Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Catering: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Music Reception: Will and Them Apples
  • Cake or Treats: Gelato Fiasco
  • Videographer: Josh Swan, Media Northeast
  • Tent / Rentals: Sperry Tent
  • Event Lighting: Sperry Tent
  • Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth & Kyle

Kaitlin and Brian’s The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

To see the entire collection of images when available, please visit

Our proposal story, by Brian:

I bought Kaitlin’s engagement ring on January 26, 2012. I made sure to capture the moment after I signed for the ring by snapping a picture of my ear to ear smile. I would later use this picture. The next 15 days were extremely difficult. Not only was I eager to propose but I had to keep the ring a secret from Kaitlin. This is generally impossible as Kaitlin has this uncanny ability pick up on the slightest clues and piece any puzzle together.

Several months earlier, after I made the final decision to start saving for a ring, I shared the news with two of Kaitlin’s best friends Tania and Lauren. After buying the ring I became nervous the news would some how make its way back to Kaitlin. I had also told our friends Josh and Stefanie; our friends that set us up. I needed Josh’s help for the actual proposal. I needed him to take a really good picture of me down on one knee holding the ring up. I would later use this picture also.

After the start of the new year 2012 we both started thinking ahead to Valentines Day. Because the holiday fell on a Tuesday and we both had a lot going on that week I suggested that we make our own Valentines Day and celebrate it earlier at the end of the week before the holiday. This was the perfect opportunity for me to propose to Kaitlin. She would be completely thrown off by the holiday plans and not suspect anything. We settled on Friday February 10th. We made reservations to our favorite restaurant; The Grill Room in Portland.

I couldn’t set up for the proposal until the day of so I needed as much time as possible when I got home from work that day around 12:45pm. I enlisted the help of Kaitlin’s Manager at work for this. I made contact with him and requested that he keep Kaitlin at work that Friday as long as possible. Evil I know! This was easy for Kaitlin’s manager as he was conducting performance reviews that day. He simply scheduled Kaitlin’s last.

While Kaitlin was at work I lit many candles around the house and set out a bouquet of a dozen roses. I also set out Kaitlin’s 3 “Valentine’s Day” gifts. The first gift was a photo album. I had rehearsed a rough dialogue for all the pictures which I had arranged in chronological order to tell the story of our relationship. On the last page of the album was the picture of me, smiling ear to ear and the picture of me down on one knee holding up the ring. When Kaitlin looked up at me after she realized what the last picture was I down on one knee actually holding the ring up. She said yes!



Maine wedding photography: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with Second Shooter Kyle Burnell
Event Planner / Cordinator: Dierdre Gonsalves
Invitations: Papyrus
Gown designer: Sottero & Midgley
Purchased at Andrea Bridal
Dress purchased at: Andreas Bridal, Portland
Bridesmaid Dress By: Twobirds
Bridemaids Jewelry: No Answer Provided
Florist: La Flora Couture
Ceremony Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill
Church, ceremony venue host: No Answer Provided
Officiant: Dave MacEhliney (Grooms uncle)
Reception Venue:  The Barn at Gibbet Hill
Music Reception: DJ Shyne, ECF Entertainment
Cake or Treats: Fredericks Pasteries
Favors: Stonewall Kitchen






Boothbay Harbor wedding of Megan and Matt

*To view this couple complete collection of images when available, please visit:

I’ve had a great run of really fun weddings and cool couples this month. I am beyond grateful for them all! But now, if I had to give out a “Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality-Couple” award for the season though…It would hands down have to give it to Megan and Matt. Such a sweet, sweet couple! Matt is a finance guy and and Megan is a nurse. They met at the University of Maine during college and fell in love. Lovely people, lovely families. They married in a seaside stone chapel (love those tiny churches), ate lobster and danced the night away on a dock in a tent under the stars in Boothbay Harbor. It was a gorgeous summer night and a great Maine wedding! Take a look at a small sampling of our favorite images! Cheers, Matt and Megan…to a truly fabulous life together!


  • Maine wedding photographers: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald and second shooter Kyle
  • Invitations: A Visual Concept
  • Dress purchased at: David’s Bridal
  • Hair: Bonnie’s A Cut Above
  • Makeup: Kate Hodgdon
  • Bridesmaid Dress By:David’s Bridal
  • Bridemaids Jewelry: Day’s Jewelers
  • Florist: Boothbay Region Greenhouse
  • Ceremony Venue: Wilson Memorial Chapel
  • Music Ceremony: Genie O’Connell
  • Reception Venue: Ocean Point Marina
  • Catering: SeaCoast Catering & Lobster Bakes
  • Music Reception: On Cue DJ Services, Mike Violette
  • Cake or Treats: SeaCoast Catering & Lobster Bakes


Inspire 2014 | February 10-12

I am lucky  to be speaking again at the Inspire Photo Retreat in MA. See last year’s video. Last year was THE most amazing rewarding, refreshing time for me as both a speaker and attendee. I danced, drank, edited, reviewed and taught my ass off. I learned a ton. This workshop leaves behind a lot of the ego and commercialism most photo nerd workshops typically hype up; the core leaders of this retreat are friendly, down to earth and real. It is a very hands on, one-on-one experience. I can’t say enough. I can not wait to go back to my class and community there. It is the best thing I do each for myself each winter.


They added a ton more speakers this year. WOAH!… even I was blown away. You can register and start making out your workshop schedule now.  FYI, my class “Competing in a Competitive Market”  is on Wednesday this year.

It’s only $429 this year and it’s pretty easy to find a room to share. Sign up! I AM READY TO GET MY LEARN ON!