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Beth Is On A Break!

For the 2014 wedding season, I will be taking a creative sabbatical. It is time, however bittersweet.

To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

For well over 20 years now, I’ve made my living from my photography work and specifically for the past 13 years my wedding photography work. I started real jobs in photography at 16. Worked at newspapers by 19. I started my own business at 24. I am now 37. Ahhhh, a lifetime!

After 406+ weddings, my eyes need a rest and I want a whole Maine summer off to be with my family.

So, OMG, I am on a break! But what will I do all week other than enjoy my Saturdays off?

While life unfolded,  I self-funded another company to bring more weddings to Maine’s shores— The Maine Wedding Company.  I grew this online publication on the side but it became a mad affair quickly; sneaking off to see it— like a mistress. It has unlocked a whole boatload of skills in me that I want to explore. I love the development, coding, working with members, creating content, public speaking, marketing…wow, just all of it. And I believe in it and its members too. I have to do it full time. I started a publishing company called MaggPress LLC that I am CEO starting Feb. 1. The Maine Wedding Company is its flagship site. I am beyond excited to indulge in this 100%!

I am not leaving photography.

In the past, I studied to be a Shakespearean, left to complete an MFA, tinkered with an MBA and even took all the classes needed to be a property appraiser. I always found a way back to photography and to this business. I do love it.  My life, my friends, my identity and my community is all photo-saturated. I still teach photography too! But alas, being a mom, shooting and running two businesses is getting tough— even for on this type A. So, off I go to take some time to figure out what I will do in 2015 and beyond.

AGAIN: To my fabulous Blush clients, my loves, you can still reach me at 207-899-5585 or anytime. I am always here for you.

If you need a great Maine wedding photographer for 2014, please visit The Maine Wedding Company’s amazing photographer directory linked here.



Lewis and Drew’s Fall Kennebunkport, Maine Wedding

* To view Lew and Drew’s entire wedding collection, please visit:

Fall in Maine is amazing. Gold leaves, crisp air, pumpkins— everywhere. The first few weeks of October are  simply delightful here for weddings. And that’s what Lewis and Drew were counting on when they held their wedding at On The Marsh in Kennebunkport, Maine in mid October.  And that’s what they got….GORGEOUS! Lew and Drew (just sounds great saying their names… doesn’t it?) gathered their friends and family outdoors for their traditional ceremony beneath a picture-perfect Fall landscape. Then they escaped the evening chill for packed and cozy  reception room. Everyone celebrated, danced and partied. It was amazing and sweet and fun and lovely. Congrats guys! You are wonderful new friends/clients… my perfect pair… come have drinks with me again soon. I enjoyed capturing all your moments. Enjoy a few favs….. so much more to see too! All my love, Beth :)


Photos by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with second shooter Kyle Burnell

Invitations: Etsy/Bay Side Printing
Gown designer: Essense of Australia
Dress purchased at: Madeleine’s Daughter
Hair: Salon at 903
Makeup: Joya Beauty
Bridesmaid Dress By: Bill Levkoff
Florist: Dover Flower Studio
Ceremony Venue: On The Marsh
Officiant: Pastor Mark Rideout
Music Ceremony: The Music Man
Reception Venue: On The Marsh
Reception Venue Host: Alexandra kennedy
Music Reception: The Music Man
Cake or Treats: Let them eat cake
Favors: Bride made, candy apples
Honeymoon: Hawaii

Lindsay and Justin’s Caswell Farm Maine Wedding

* To view Lindsay and Justin’s entire wedding collection, please visit:

How he proposed…

Lindsay and Justin decided to go up north to Quebec CIty for The Winter Carnival – an amazing chilly weekend in the historic city. With strategic planning, they decided to drive half way up on a Thursday night, so they could drive through Canada in the daylight.

They booked a room at the Moose River Lodge & Motel, and tiny B&B in the middle of no-where. With frozen pipes and a snowstorm pounding down, they enjoyed their “rustic” stay. Early Friday morning after an amazing breakfast of french toast, sausages and strawberries, they finished up the trip and found their adorably tiny dwelling, Hôtel le Cavalier du Moulin, right in the center of the old city.

Lindsay and Justin quickly unpacked, and loaded on the layers. It was known that the city was cold and windy that weekend, but that wasn’t even close to a proper description. They layered on around multiple shirts, jackets, snow pants, full head masks and ski goggles so not an inch of skin was showing. Mittens, boots, 13 layers of socks and a hot beverage in hand, and they were off for a day of exploring. They found ice luges to sled down, skating rinks, a tiny corner bar to sip a beer and play Yahtzee! and hot tubs to relax in – outside hot tubs!! Everything was coated in icicles!

That night for dinner, they found a delicious restaurant, and immediately made friends with the people sitting next to them – he was from Cali too – their high schools had played water polo against each other, and they discussed all the interstates and exits that North Cali had to offer. After an amazing dinner, Lindsay and Justin made their way winding through the old streets – deserted of all cars and people, surprising on such a HUGE weekend! Walking down one particular European street, they passed a large window front, elaborately adorned with every kitchen gadget one could ask for. Reverting back to a childhood game, they faced the window and Lindsay asked “if you could pick anything in this window, what would you pick?” And Justin confidently mentioned that he could see her in the reflection, and claimed “So I would choose you!” and got down on one knee to propose.

After a happy break dance in the middle of the street, Lindsay and Justin both promised to make each other happy for the rest of their lives, and got themselves together for a celebratory cocktail at the amazing Chateau Frontenac.



  • Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald
  • Day of Coordinator:  Catherine Caswell, Caswell Farm with  friend,  Jessie
  • Dress Alterations: Maria Antoinette
  • Hair and Makeup: friend, Stepheney
  • Ceremony Venue: Caswell Farm
  • Officiant: friend, Brianne Martin
  • Music Ceremony: cousin
  • Reception Venue: Caswell Farm
  • Catering: Sweet and Savory Catering
  • Music Reception: DJ Jim
  • Cake: Sweet and Savory Catering










Blush Wedding Album Sale- Now 15% Off!

Dearest 2013 Blush brides and grooms, (check your email for the full price sheet I just sent out guys!)

I want to thank each and every one of you for a a picture perfect 2013 wedding season for us here at Blush Imagery. We had a blast with you all! I hope all of you are settling into married life well! Now, It’s time to make your wedding album and holiday gifts!

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Christina and Jonathan’s Bar Harbor Club Wedding

* To see all of Christina and Jonathan’s images when available, please visit:

Blush: Why did you choose to wed in Maine?

Christina: Jon’s family has a cabin in Otis, ME and we started going up there a month after we met. Every time we went to the cabin we always took a day trip into Bar Harbor or Arcadi Park and thought it was so beautiful up there. We always said even when we first started dating that when we got married we would do it in Bar Harbor. We both love the how clean and beautiful it is up there.
Blush: What are you most excited about your wedding day? What is your biggest concern for your wedding day?
Christina: I am most excited about marrying my best friend and having our closest friends and family there to be part of it. I just can’t wait to officially be Mrs. Allen! I also can’t wait to be on the dance floor surrounded by loved ones. My biggest concern for the wedding is weather. I am hoping the weather is good so we can have our ceremony outside because the view is worth the drive.
With that said my other concern is people that I really want there won’t make it because of the 5+ drive.
Blush post-wed: Well guys, the weather was amazing and the dancefloor was packed. So I think it was a pefect day. You guys were DREAM clients for me… I adored all your family and guests and loved being with you for this great day! Congrats Christina, Jonathan and baby Samantha!  Happy, happy life to you!!! XOXO Beth :)
Maine Wedding Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald
Event Planner / Coordinator: Christine Brome, Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
 Invitations: Nicole Dimarco
Gown designer: Allure
Dress purchased at: Bridal and Gift II
Hair: Leah Sugrue (friend)
Makeup:  Leah Sugrue
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jordan Pesce
Florist: Fleurishes Floral & Event Design
Ceremony Venue: Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
Reception Venue: Bar Harbor Club/ Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
Officiant: Barbara Colby
Music Ceremony: Northeast Event and Design
Catering: Bar Harbor Club
Music Reception: Northeast Event and Design
Cake or Treats: Janice Strout
Event Lighting: Northeast Event and Design








Parny and Justin’s Newagen Seaside Inn wedding

To view this entire collection when available, please visit:

Our Proposal Story, by Parny:

It was early December and Justin suggested we swap Christmas ornaments and make it a tradition going forward as we just moved into a new home and it would be nice to build up an inventory of ornaments. I thought it was a great idea and suggested we do it right away. But Justin had other plans in mind. He suggested we wait until December 22nd when we had our Christmas date night planned. Every year around Christmas we go to our favorite restaurant in Boston – 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill. So December 22nd finally came and dinner reservations were made for 8 pm. We got ready and around 5:45 we decided to swap ornaments. I gave him mine and then he gave me his. I took the top off the box and there lay a snowman holding a sign “Parny will you marry me?” and simultaneously Justin got off the couch next to me and down on one knee. I immediately started crying, said “yes” and the rest is history!

Beth’s note: Congrats Justin and Parny! Here is a video sample of highlights of your day to enjoy!



  • Event Planner / Cordinator: Sheron Morrissey
  • Invitations: William Arthur
  • Gown designer: Ulla-Maija Couture
  • Dress purchased at:Allegria Bridal
  • Hair: A Cut Above – Bonnie
  • Makeup:About Face Cosmetics
  • Bridesmaid Dress By: Siri
  • Florist:Emily Carter Floral Designs
  • Ceremony Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Officiant: Reverand Kit Sherrill
  • Music Ceremony: Diamond Cove Trio
  • Reception Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Catering: Newagen Seaside Inn
  • Music Reception: Will and Them Apples
  • Cake or Treats: Gelato Fiasco
  • Videographer: Josh Swan, Media Northeast
  • Tent / Rentals: Sperry Tent
  • Event Lighting: Sperry Tent
  • Photography by Blush Imagery, Beth & Kyle

Kaitlin and Brian’s The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

To see the entire collection of images when available, please visit

Our proposal story, by Brian:

I bought Kaitlin’s engagement ring on January 26, 2012. I made sure to capture the moment after I signed for the ring by snapping a picture of my ear to ear smile. I would later use this picture. The next 15 days were extremely difficult. Not only was I eager to propose but I had to keep the ring a secret from Kaitlin. This is generally impossible as Kaitlin has this uncanny ability pick up on the slightest clues and piece any puzzle together.

Several months earlier, after I made the final decision to start saving for a ring, I shared the news with two of Kaitlin’s best friends Tania and Lauren. After buying the ring I became nervous the news would some how make its way back to Kaitlin. I had also told our friends Josh and Stefanie; our friends that set us up. I needed Josh’s help for the actual proposal. I needed him to take a really good picture of me down on one knee holding the ring up. I would later use this picture also.

After the start of the new year 2012 we both started thinking ahead to Valentines Day. Because the holiday fell on a Tuesday and we both had a lot going on that week I suggested that we make our own Valentines Day and celebrate it earlier at the end of the week before the holiday. This was the perfect opportunity for me to propose to Kaitlin. She would be completely thrown off by the holiday plans and not suspect anything. We settled on Friday February 10th. We made reservations to our favorite restaurant; The Grill Room in Portland.

I couldn’t set up for the proposal until the day of so I needed as much time as possible when I got home from work that day around 12:45pm. I enlisted the help of Kaitlin’s Manager at work for this. I made contact with him and requested that he keep Kaitlin at work that Friday as long as possible. Evil I know! This was easy for Kaitlin’s manager as he was conducting performance reviews that day. He simply scheduled Kaitlin’s last.

While Kaitlin was at work I lit many candles around the house and set out a bouquet of a dozen roses. I also set out Kaitlin’s 3 “Valentine’s Day” gifts. The first gift was a photo album. I had rehearsed a rough dialogue for all the pictures which I had arranged in chronological order to tell the story of our relationship. On the last page of the album was the picture of me, smiling ear to ear and the picture of me down on one knee holding up the ring. When Kaitlin looked up at me after she realized what the last picture was I down on one knee actually holding the ring up. She said yes!



Maine wedding photography: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with Second Shooter Kyle Burnell
Event Planner / Cordinator: Dierdre Gonsalves
Invitations: Papyrus
Gown designer: Sottero & Midgley
Purchased at Andrea Bridal
Dress purchased at: Andreas Bridal, Portland
Bridesmaid Dress By: Twobirds
Bridemaids Jewelry: No Answer Provided
Florist: La Flora Couture
Ceremony Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill
Church, ceremony venue host: No Answer Provided
Officiant: Dave MacEhliney (Grooms uncle)
Reception Venue:  The Barn at Gibbet Hill
Music Reception: DJ Shyne, ECF Entertainment
Cake or Treats: Fredericks Pasteries
Favors: Stonewall Kitchen






Boothbay Harbor wedding of Megan and Matt

*To view this couple complete collection of images when available, please visit:

I’ve had a great run of really fun weddings and cool couples this month. I am beyond grateful for them all! But now, if I had to give out a “Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality-Couple” award for the season though…It would hands down have to give it to Megan and Matt. Such a sweet, sweet couple! Matt is a finance guy and and Megan is a nurse. They met at the University of Maine during college and fell in love. Lovely people, lovely families. They married in a seaside stone chapel (love those tiny churches), ate lobster and danced the night away on a dock in a tent under the stars in Boothbay Harbor. It was a gorgeous summer night and a great Maine wedding! Take a look at a small sampling of our favorite images! Cheers, Matt and Megan…to a truly fabulous life together!


  • Maine wedding photographers: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald and second shooter Kyle
  • Invitations: A Visual Concept
  • Dress purchased at: David’s Bridal
  • Hair: Bonnie’s A Cut Above
  • Makeup: Kate Hodgdon
  • Bridesmaid Dress By:David’s Bridal
  • Bridemaids Jewelry: Day’s Jewelers
  • Florist: Boothbay Region Greenhouse
  • Ceremony Venue: Wilson Memorial Chapel
  • Music Ceremony: Genie O’Connell
  • Reception Venue: Ocean Point Marina
  • Catering: SeaCoast Catering & Lobster Bakes
  • Music Reception: On Cue DJ Services, Mike Violette
  • Cake or Treats: SeaCoast Catering & Lobster Bakes


Inspire 2014 | February 10-12

I am lucky  to be speaking again at the Inspire Photo Retreat in MA. See last year’s video. Last year was THE most amazing rewarding, refreshing time for me as both a speaker and attendee. I danced, drank, edited, reviewed and taught my ass off. I learned a ton. This workshop leaves behind a lot of the ego and commercialism most photo nerd workshops typically hype up; the core leaders of this retreat are friendly, down to earth and real. It is a very hands on, one-on-one experience. I can’t say enough. I can not wait to go back to my class and community there. It is the best thing I do each for myself each winter.


They added a ton more speakers this year. WOAH!… even I was blown away. You can register and start making out your workshop schedule now.  FYI, my class “Competing in a Competitive Market”  is on Wednesday this year.

It’s only $429 this year and it’s pretty easy to find a room to share. Sign up! I AM READY TO GET MY LEARN ON!


Adrienne and Da’s Bar Harbor Stone House wedding

To view their full collection of images as available, please visit :

How He Proposed by Adrienne

Da and I were living in Mountain View, California. It was October close to Halloween. We went out to dinner at our favorite hot pot restaurant Shabu Shabu. After dinner we were walking around downtown Mountain View before heading off to Fright Night at a Coaster Park. We were standing in front of a fountain and he asked me if it was a wishing fountain. I peered over the side to see if anyone had thrown coins in and as I did he got down on one knee and said, “all of my wishes have come true already.” He had the ring box open and asked me to marry him.

Maine Photography: Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery
Event Planner / Coordinator: Susana Davis
Dress purchased at: Collections Bridal
Hair: Salon at Bar Harbor Club
Makeup: Salon as Bar Harbor Club
Florist: Fluerishes
Ceremony Venue: Bar Harbor Stone House
Officiant: Bill Ferm
Reception Venue: Bar Harbor Stone House
Catering: Bar Harbor Stone House

Victoria and Jason’s Maine seacoast private estate wedding

*To view the couple’s photo collection when available, please visit:

Their proposal story in their words:

It was a beautiful sunny winter morning December 16th 2011 when Victoria took off from New London to visit Jason in what would be his new home base for the next few years. We spent the day looking at the sites, and as night fell, began a quest to find the National Christmas tree. Jason knows how much Victoria likes anything Christmas, so the fact that he really seemed to want to find the tree was special. When they finally stumbled upon the tree, the camera was at the end of its charge. Jason insisted they get a photo in front of the tree before the camera died. Victoria asked a very nice woman to take a photo, and as they posed in front of the tree, Jason called Victoria’s name. As she looked over he was on one knee asking her to marry him. Not only was she shocked; the woman taking the picture was equally surprised. They had a wonderful meal at District Chophouse and Brewery, and then Victoria spent the rest of the night staring at the most beautiful ruby ring (which happens to be her birthstone), a precious family heirloom, that he had presented to her.


Maine photography by Blush Imagery; Beth with second shooter Kyle
Event Planner / Cordinator: Sabin Beckwith; Kitchen Chicks
Invitations: Invitations By Dawn
Gown designer: Alfred Angelo
Dress purchased at: Alfred Angelo
Hair: Clippers Salon
Makeup: Clippers Salon
Bridesmaid Dress By: Dessy
Bridemaids Jewelry: Pearls
Florist: Heather Caron
Ceremony Venue: Private Residence
Officiant: Maureen Quirk
Music Ceremony: Michael Katz
Reception Venue: Private Residence
Catering: Kitchen Chicks
Music Reception: Jeff Hunter
Cake or Treats: Let Them Eat Cake
Tent / Rentals: Marshall Rentals
Event Lighting: Marshall Rentals
Honeymoon: Costa Rica

Portland e-session with Drew and Lewis

Meet Drew and Lewis. Their wedding will be this fall. They came to the downtown Portland studio last week to take some engagement photos with me. I am excited to have them this year as my last wedding (as of now… we get odd late booking in October a lot) of the season. They are really fun to work with, easy going and very sweet with each other! We shot at dusk on the Eastern Promemade of Portland and then downtown just at nightfall for a few cityscapes. Enjoy guys! Can’t wait for you Kennebunkport wedding!

They had a great session but my favorite image here is actually that 4th one down…  just something a little different inspired by a famous image of a kiss in Robert Doisneau’s “The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville,” taken on a Parisian street in 1950 ; shown above left. Maybe the streets of Portland aren’t as busy, sure, but I like it. Drew had a great look for this shot in that pretty little black dress.

I’ll post their wedding soon! Enjoy! Beth


Christine and Travis’s Newagen Seaside Inn Wedding

* To see all of Christine and Travis’s wedding images, when available, please visit:

Travis grew up vacationing in Boothbay Harbor, Maine so it was fitting that he brought his entire family and friends back to the area for an amazing destination weekend wedding. The couple celebrated in true Maine coastal style — next to the sea and under the stars at the beautiful Newagen Seaside Inn in Boothbay Harbor. What a wedding! Christine did an amazing job incorporating classic navy and whites, blueberries and pine cones — all over Maine-style gorgeous! They also had one killer reception and party to boot! We (Kyle and I) had a ridiculously good time with you all. Take a look… this is one to see!


Maine photographer: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with second photographer Kyle

Event Planner / Coordinator:  Jessica Hans (Newagen)
Invitations: Bliss Folio
Gown designer: Augusta Jones
Dress purchased at: Allegria Bridal
Hair: Bonnie’s A Cut Above, Bonnie Erksine
Makeup: From This Day Forward, Cyndi Clayton
Bridesmaid Dress By: ASOS
Florist: Alda Stich
Ceremony Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
Officiant: Felicia Bates
Music Ceremony: Affordable Elegance
Reception Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
Catering: Newagen Seaside Inn
Music Reception: Hot Mess
Cake or Treats: Diane Priante (bride’s cousin/godmother)
Videographer: Media Northeast
Tent / Rentals: Sperry Tents
Event Lighting: Sperry Tents
Favors: Stonewall Kitchen
Honeymoon: Tahiti (Bora Bora and Moorea)








Ryan - Beautiful wedding!! I love the CAKE!!!! Great captures Beth!!!August 23, 2013 – 4:48 pm

Susan and Stephen’s Cushing, Maine wedding

* To view all images of this event when available, please register at:

Susan and Stephen has an intimate, upbeat wedding at a private estate in Cushing, Maine. On one of the most perfect weather weekends in Maine, the loving couple wed under the tree by the ocean. It was just beautiful. Enjoy these images from their amazing day! Congrats Susan and Stephen!



Maine photographer: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with second photographer KyleEvent Planner / Cordinator: Melanie Voros Beautiful Beginnings

Reception Venue : Private Estate
Invitations: Far From Home
Dress purchased at: Jaehee Brida
Hair: Scottola Day Spa, Rockland
Makeup: Scottola Day Spa, Rockland
Bridesmaid Dress by: David’s
Florist: Flora Fauna
Ceremony Venue: Private Estate
Officiant: Father Minderlein
Catering: Blue Elephant
Music Reception: TBD
Cake or Treats: Sticky Fingers
Tent / Rentals / Full Dance Floor : Sperry Seacoast
Favors: Magan Heller

Dan and Melissa - I love love LOVED the cake! Great pictures!August 5, 2013 – 11:31 am

Caroline and George’s Portland Club wedding

* To view all images of this event when available, please register at:
Blush asked: What are you most excited about your wedding day?
In Caroline’s Words: I am most excited about the opportunity to see all of our family and friends. George and I both spent time in the military, and our families are pretty spread out in both the United States and Canada. There are many people that will be attending the wedding that we haven’t seen in years, and that is by far the best part of the whole thing for both of us. We are not that big on being in the spotlight, and really look forward to putting on a party that is low key, classy, and allows everyone to be comfortable and have a good time. I think we are looking at our wedding day as part wedding/part reunion and are trying to put together events for different groups of friends during that weekend to let everyone take advantage of the opportunity.




Maine photographer: Blush Imagery, Beth Fitzgerald with second photographer Kyle

Event Planner / Cordinator: Kathleen Pacella
Invitations:  Papayrus
Gown designer: Allure
Dress purchased at: Andrea’s Bridal
Hair: rE Day Spa
Makeup: rE Day Spa
Florist: Lori Andrews
Ceremony Venue: Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
Officiant: Uncle
Reception Venue: Portland Club
Catering: Black Tie
Music Reception: Brick Park
Guest Accommodations: Alouette Beach Resort

Caroline and George’s Peaks Island Rehearsal Dinner

Caroline and George are a fantastic couple! Both high ranking members of the United States Army, they have this amazing strength and integrity, coupled with great senses of humor. This is one of my favorite couples this year. Check out their Peaks Island rehearsal dinner that kicked off their Portland, Maine wedding… coming up next to be on the blog!  FYI, my favorite moment of this dinner involved a rehearsal dinner gamethat George’s sister Caitlin lined up for them. It was a simple Q+A with “Who is better at?” questions. You basically raise the ‘him or her’ shoe to answer. George and Caroline are fairly competitive people so when their answers didn’t  line up (like not once) the hilarity ensued.  Along with their family and friends’ touching speeches and the gorgeous sunset, it was a wonderful night for all.

Check it out:



Ruth and Bob’s wedding at The Newagen Seaside Inn

* To see the entire collection of images when available, please visit at

Ruth and Bob designed a wedding that was truly a family affair at the gorgeous Newagen Seaside Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The weather was foggy, but the couple had a beautiful, sweet ceremony anyway with their good friend Charlie as the officiant and readings by Ruth’s brother and Bob’s son. Later, it cleared for a sunny and bright cocktail hour on the deck, then they enjoyed  a great dinner with sincere and loving toasts made by Bob’s brother and Ruth’s best friend then, last but not least, a killer dance party that kids and parents alike enjoyed! What a great wedding day!

This couple knew what made sense for their family and friends. They skipped a lot of the typical wedding frills and invested in the good stuff— a great location, food and music. Bob and Ruth are both sentimental and warm at heart. Ruth wore her mother’s wedding dress with a blue ribbon around the waist. She looked fantastic as both of her parents walked her down the aisle. Bob made his two young sons, Beck and Rourke, were at his side as his groomsmen. Bob’s boys are amazing. They dressed in Nantucket red pants and bow ties. So cute! FYI, Bob loves bow ties. (See the groom’s cake below! Fun!)

Congratulations to you all— Bob and Ruth, Beck and Rourke and to all your family and wonderful family-like friends. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we all did! Cheers to you! Enjoy these highlights:



Event Planner / Cordinator: Newagen Seside Inn, Jessica Hans

Invitations: Aldom Printers (Pittsfield, MA)

Gown designer: Fermata Designs — upcycling

Groom attire: Nantucket Reds (groom’s pants) by Murray’s Toggery (Nantucket, MA)

Hair & Makeup : Ruth

Florist: Boothbay Region Greenhouses

Ceremony Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn

Officiant: Charles (Charlie) Britton

Music Reception: ULTD Engagements

Cake or Treats: 3 Dogs Cafe / Sweet Sensations

 Honeymoon: Hawaii

Courtney and Kevin wed at The Colony in Kennebunkport, Maine

* To signup to see all the couple’s photos online when available, visit:

About a year ago, I received this simple email:  Hi Beth,  My fiance and I are HUGE fans of your work and wanted to see if you might by chance be free to shoot our wedding on June 22nd of next year at the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport. 

Crossing my fingers!


Now, of course I love, love, love brides that start a conversation with me like that so I signed her up! Easy!

She wrote back: Wonderful!! I’m so thrilled that you’re free. True story: Whenever anyone has mentioned a Maine venue to me, I’ve immediately gone to your website to get a sense of what the best possible pictures of that place might look like. I can’t believe we get to work with you!

Courtney and I emailed and planned and a wonderful email-fabulous, bride-photographer online relationship—  laughing all the way.

Then just a few months ago, Courtney wrote to me,  Did I tell you I was a novelist?  Turns out that my, “Courtney and Kevin, 2013 Blush couple, event 6/22 at The Colony.” is also J. Courtney Sullivan, the novelist. Who knew? How great!

Maine authorJ. Courtney Sullivan — as in (taken from her Amazon Books page) … J. Courtney Sullivan is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels Commencement and Maine. Maine was named a Best Book of the Year by Time magazine, and a Washington Post Notable Book for 2011. Her third novel, The Engagements, has been called “her most ambitious novel yet” by Entertainment Weekly. Kirkus gave it a starred review, and praised The Engagements as “Elegant, assured, often moving and with a gentle moral lesson to boot.”

Courtney’s writing has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, Elle, Glamour, Allure, and the New York Observer, among many others. She is a co-editor of Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

FYI, her book Engagements (which came out just days before the wedding) has been optioned for film by Reese Witherspoon and 20th Century Fox.

I am so delighted for her! It sounds cliche, but she is the nicest woman and her now husband Kevin is the sweetest, smartest, soft-spoken, fantastic match for her.

I am so happy for you, Kevin and Courtney. Together, you are on  course for a wonderful life.  I was so honored to be with you on your wedding day.  It was full of love, laughter and with just a ‘sprinkle’ of rain (haha) for some drama.  I enjoyed your fun  friends and supportive families who came to Maine to be by your side.  It was a great day — not the easiest day to due to stress of rain — but what a great day with 100 new stories now to tell for a lifetime. Love to you both!

Enjoy some standout images from this beautiful event:

wedding dresssilk flower on wedding dressblue kate spadeswedding dress help




Maine wedding photography by Beth Fitzgerald at  Blush Imagery, with second photographer Kyle Burnell

  • Event Planner / Cordinator: Paula Marrero, Marrero Events
  • Invitations: Swiss Cottage Design
  • Gown designer: Jenny Lee
  • Dress purchased at: Mark Ingram (New York)
  • Hair: Wedding Tresses
  • Makeup: Wedding Tresses
  • Bridesmaid Dress By: Monique Lhullier
  • Florist: Blooms & Heirlooms
  • Ceremony Venue: The Colony Hotel
  • Officiant: Rev. Will Saunders (portland)
  • Music Ceremony: Krysia Tripp trio
  • Reception Venue: The Colony Hotel
  • Reception Venue Host: Christian, The Colony Hotel
  • Catering: The Colony Hotel
  • Music Reception: Red Hook Orchestra
  • Cake or Treats: Confection Art





Ryan - Amazing Wedding – Favorite Shot: The one of them kissing on the porch!! Love it!! Beautiful job as always!!!July 13, 2013 – 7:50 am

Eva and Asif’s Newagen Seaside Inn wedding in Boothbay Harbor

* To be alerted when all of Eva and Asif’s wedding images are released for viewing, please sign up at

Blush: Why did you choose to have your wedding in Maine?
Eva: We have been coming to this part of Maine almost every year since 2006, especially when we need to unwind over a long weekend during hectic times. It’s a cool (literally) retreat in the hot summer months, and a beautiful place to enjoy nature and fresh food. Apparently if you add up all the coastline in Maine, including tidal inlets and rocky jetties, it is longer than all of the rest of the East Coast combined. This just means you’re never far from a peaceful water view and some delicious “lobstah”.When we visited the Newagen Seaside Inn, we instantly knew it was where we wanted to bring our dearest friends and family to spend a relaxing weekend all together in one place. We know it’s a trek for you to be with us, but we hope that you too will find our wedding as a worthy holiday for your mind and body. For a few hours on Saturday, it’ll be it all about us, but the rest of the weekend is meant for you to just enjoy yourselves!
Event Planner / Coordinator: Jason Schlosser, Newagen
Gown designer:  Herm’s
Dress purchased in Poland
Hair : Rachel (friend)
Makeup: About Face
Bridesmaid Dress By:. J.Crew
Florist: Emily Carter
Ceremony Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
Officiant: Ken Barns
Music Ceremony: trio (TBD)
Reception Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn
Reception Venue Host: Jason Schlosser, Newagen
Catering with dessert: Newagen Seaside Inn
Music Reception: friends
Honeymoon: Maine


I had a wonderful day with you guys! Absolutely loved it! Congrats families, and to my new friends Eva and Asif! Cheers, Beth :)




Rina - Beautiful wedding photos. I love the black & white pictures! Everything around looks so intimate & classics. Though we were not there , I must say these images make me feel I was there…. at your table. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulation again to a beautiful couple whose match truly seems made in Heaven. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together. Blessings
Boro Khala KhaluJuly 10, 2013 – 1:17 am

Dan and Melissa - Gorgeous photos! I love the wedding dress and the bouquet.June 28, 2013 – 3:49 pm

ABC’s at St. Brigid School

Our sweet baby, Maggie, now not so much a baby at 6, attends St. Brigid’s School in Portland, Maine. We love the school for so many reasons.

When your child attends a private school, you are expected to do a lot of volunteer work to help the teachers and staff with concerts, fundraisers, class activities , etc. Luckily, Brian and I are able to use our technical skills as photographers to help the school. Brian does some pro-bono commercial work for them and I do, frankly, whatever they need. And luckily for us, too, we are not the only photography couple in the school. Our pals Tige & Bethany Cunningham of Cunningham Photography have older kids who attend. Beth and Tige take on WAY more of the class and photo load than us newbies. :)

Anyhow, this is the cutest thing — ever. I shot this picture as a class project for the school. We created a final canvas as a donation into St. B’s Spring Auction.

How it was done: We took the two classes of Kindergarteners (like 40 kids), a 9-foot white seamless back drop, pro lights, a ladder, camera gear, me and, oh yeah, the awesome organization of K-teachers Mrs. C and Ms. G. to get this accomplished in just over two hours. Kids came in to the classroom where I set up, whipped their tiny tennis shoes off and I slid them around on the background (to their total delight) until we go each letter shaped right. By the end, I was a sweaty mess! But what fun!

I worked up a simple design using one of the hundreds of our wedding album templates that I use here at the studio and woohlah— cutest poster ever. Congrats to Caden’s family,  who won the final custom canvas at the auction. It sold well and raised a good amount for the school. Brian and I had a wonderful time at the Spring Auction event and to boot— this may be the cutest image I have ever made. I was delighted by the whole thing!

FYI, my Maggie is the yellow sprite in the “M” and the “Z.”  Cute kids rock!


alphabet kid photo




Greg - Great job Beth!April 18, 2013 – 2:27 pm

Kate Mercer - Hi Beth,
Love the poster! I hope the school knows how lucky they are to have you on board. It really is VERY clever. Thanks for sharing.April 9, 2013 – 6:58 pm

Beth - Hey Good Idea Audra!April 9, 2013 – 11:54 am

Audra Bayette - Beth – this is the most adorable thing! Are numbers next!April 9, 2013 – 10:01 am

Andree Kehn - Beth, you RULE!! This is the most adorable kids school photo ever. Great job!April 9, 2013 – 7:59 am

Baby Rock

I can count on my two hands my Maine clients. Most of my weddings clients come from out of state to marry in Maine. So my clients that become local friends are very dear to me.

I can also count on both hands how many baby sessions I’ve done in the last 7 years since moving to Maine. Portraits have not been my thing for a while now. Our studio actually started a portrait line a while back but found the photographer we brought in for the project did not have our same work ethic so the line was short-lived. Bummer! Cause babies kind of ROCK!

Alas, when my past brides ask me to personally photograph their new bambinos, I can not resist. Take a look at 2012 Blush couple Mike and Jessica Rock’s, new baby boy…. Carter!  What a love… and slept the whole time for me.  (And, to boot, see that cutey bear hat… that was made for Jessica by one of my Maine brides too… Jennifer. Small town, great connections.

Welcome to the world baby boy!

Congrats Jess and Mike. Brian and I love you! Thank God you live down the street so I can snuggle your cutey-patutey baby!


baby pics

Inspire feedback

Ok,  this is the last 2013 Inspire Photo Retreat post, I think.  Shortly after I wrapped up speaking at the conference to photographers, the staff supplied me some feed back from the students in class. I got some great notes. My criticism were minor; mostly about the room being cold or running a bit too long. But…  the  “what was most valuable part of the course comments really made me happy. The class took away so many of the points and really connected. It doesn’t get better than that!  It was a great class and I’m happy with what they took away from it and so many photographers went away from Inspire with a way to improve their life and career.  Awesome!

(This was for my “Competing in a Competitive Market” course)

Beth’s Speaker Feedback: The most valuable part of this course was….

  • importance of branding, consumer personalities, how to respond to leads
  • the exercises
  • Beth’s experience
  • specific tips and tricks
  • Beth’s straightforward attitude and realistic approach.
  • I can’t pick one there were so many details to build on that I’m excited to work on/toward.
  • I appreciated how realistic and applicable all of the tips were.  Very straightforward and actionable.  The 3 questions we answered where the 3 words should match was a great exercise and I have action points from it.
  • Beth was frank and honest.
  • website ideas
  • Lots of tips of what I can do.
  • Understanding consumers better and how to appeal to them.
  • “Ask shitty questions, get shitty answers” section was hysterical.
  • Related to the speaker, she was awesome :)  OMG, you are hilarious!
  • All of the info was fantastic.
  • Define your value and message.
  • The exercises b/c they gave me a chance to reflect on my biz and how to apply Beth’s suggestions.
  • Takes a hard no nonsense look–loved it!
  • Exercises
  • The process/thoughts behind the work.
  • Lots of specifics for website, packaging, and knowing your clients.
  • Beth’s honesty and sense of humor.
  • Self awareness in relation to how I’m handling my business.
  • It’s just nice to get a kick in the ass.  Also, I appreciate that she created a pdf of her slides.
  • 4 personalities of consumers.
  • Perspective on: Do your website, ideal client, and photo style match.  I just thought this was eye opening.
  • Consumer personality profiles and other tips for website.  Time management.
  • knowing I can trust myself
  • advice on how to set up a structure+outline

OMG, This made my year guys. When you give, you get so so much back. Thanks INSPIRE!

And a special thank you to Maureen Cotton who I met there for sending me this great postcard! It was rerouted so I just got it and it meant so so much to me! Thanks for everything you gave at the conference. Hope to see you next year! HOW SWEET!

Wanna go with me next year:

Sales Tax for Photographers in Maine

Here is brief overview of state sales tax for Maine photographers. Photographers are so afraid of sales tax, but it’s really not hard to do right. In fact, it is super simple.

NOW UNDERSTAND, I am not a tax expert, guys, and state laws change. Ask your tax professional or the Maine State Department of Revenue what it is right for your business.  But here is the starting info and docs about Maine State sales tax.

If you are selling tangible goods in Maine, you must charge Maine sale tax. In the world of photography, that means prints, albums, digital files, and other products. Any and all goods that you sell and deliver in the state of Maine is subject to Maine sales tax.  The Maine sales tax rate for a photography good is currently 5%.

Read the laws for yourself, decide what is right for your business and confirm with the state and your tax pro, if any doubts.

State bulletins 3, 23, 38,39, and 54 are especially relevant to photography businesses too. Find those *click here* to read and keep handy.  I highly recommend you read all of them.  To read the Maine laws yourself, below is the Maine Bulletin #3 for photographers and photo finishers just to get started. Click pic to download.

sales tax for photographers












You take in the money for state tax from the client … and now you need to that money to the State of Maine, right? So how does that happen?


To set up your business to properly report and deliver sales tax in Maine on goods you wish to sell, here is what you do.

1. Apply for a retailer’s certificate with Maine Revenue Services.

Easy, peasy! Here is the form; mail it in. Click on pic to download.

Maine Sales Tax Certificate application












2. The State of Maine will then send you a letter back with:

a. your registration number
b. your business code
c. a certificate to display in your shop (if you have one)
d. instructions with a website where you will file your sales tax payments to the state online that you took in… like that $10.00 you took from the earlier sample client.

3. You’ll simply report online what you took in for Maine and send it in according to their instructions. The state will tell you how often you how often you must do this. It is based on how much money you typically take in.

4.  If you have any questions, just call the Maine state tax payer personnel them at 207- 624-9693 during business hours to help you. They are super nice and will answer all your “dumb” questions. When you call the State to get more info, be sure to write down the name of the person who answered and gave you advice, the time and the date. In case that employee is wrong, you can prove late that you were just following State advice.

Yeah! I know you feel better already! You are helping the state better serve its families with roads, schools and cops and such… and bonus, you are in compliance with the law!

Inspire Photo Seminar (review and recap) left me — INSPIRED!

In mid-February, I went to teach a class at the Inspire Photo Seminar held annually in New England. I knew that I was giving this class for months. At first, I was totally pumped to teach, but after taking a breathe from the long 2012 year, frankly I found myself exhausted. I didn’t want to go, to learn to teach or even be around people.  Rare for me— a hyper social person. I was just tired.

After one night at Inspire though among friends, I felt revived.  Maybe it was the a killer keynote speaker (Amy Deputy… LOVE!), or the relaxed nature of the staff there. This seminar has a no-rock-stars-no-drama-no-egos kind of vibe that I love. Or better yet, the younger photographers so eager to learn, meet the speakers and have a great time—  but it just worked for me. I was reminded why you MUST  go to seminars, workshops and keep learning in your off-season as a wedding professional… IT GETS YOU OUT OF YOUR POST-SEASON FUNK!

I had been to Inspire I and it was awesome. This year was Inspire IV and it was awesome to see how this event has grown without loosing it’s intimate, down-to-earth way.  I learned so much! FYI, most of these Inspire pictures taken by Andrew Henderson Weddings.

Speaker Poster for Inspire 2013:

I had a cool seminar room with kind of amphitheater style seating. It was a great room to lecture in. I have to say, it was amazing. My class was Competing In Competitive Market. 

Speaking! Sure, I have man hands, should have curled my hair and put on more makeup, but whatevs, I got to wear a Brittany Spears mic and that thing on my hip (see that cord below)… and I was in heaven! Love teaching and public speaking!

My class was great. I like when the class becomes a discussion group and it did. Photogs always like that I cuss a lot. It’s a cheap trick, but I love it too.

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback about the class on the Inspire FB wall. THANKS!

I started with one, one-on-one mentee, my Michelle Girard (left). This young women is amazing. We partied like rockstars all weekend. But I ended up with another mentee Jessica Pegg (or JPEG for short, an awesome photographer and karaoke singer, here at right). I met and critiqued more than 15 people’s work during the weekend. Let me tell you, the future of photography looks good. These guys are better, faster, stronger than I could have imagined.

Love to new friends Tara, Nicki, Tani, Mary Beth, Laura, Kayleena, Chris, David, Catie, Lana, Amy, Maureen, Jaimie, Kate, Meri, … gosh and too many more new Inspirites to list who shared their work or good times with me this year! Thanks for sharing the pug pics Joleen!

FYI, stellar photographer Eric Laurits was my original mentor at my first Inspire Retreat and it was so good to see him again this year… still rocking it, of course!Me working with JPEG. (Jessica Pegg)

At night, it’s about buying each other drinks, dancing, kareoke without judgement … people are truly free to have fun. That me, super nerd, singing Usher’s YEAH! with the help of new friends Mary Beth and Laura!

There is a wrap up party where generous sponsors give away a ton of photography-related gear and prizes. I won two (crazy!) and gave the gifts right over to my mentees, Jessica and Michelle! Yes, I am a suck up!Thanks staff of Inspire… Fantastic, fun, productive event! Great job! Speakers 2013 picture:

All 2013 Speakers & Classes:

Allana Taranto – Portfolio Hack
Jared Bauman – Hands on Pricing Intensive, sponsored by ShootDotEdit
Tim & Chris Riley – Lightroom Workflow, sponsored by RPG Keys
Jason Aten – Managing an All Star Team
Brian Friedman – Don’t just Shoot Weddings
David Murray – Intensive Portfolio Critique
Beth Fitzgerald – Competing in Competitive Market
Michael Donnor – Personal Vision
Amber & Eric Langlois – Things We Wish We Had Known
Doug Levy – How’d You Light That?
Meg Belanger, Krista Guenin, Kristin Chalmers – Panel: Passion Projects
Jane Shauck – Making a Financially Comfortable Life With Photography
Tomas Flint – Seeds
LeeAnn Marie – Efficient Workflow
Leah Haydock & Kate McElwee- The Dichotomy of the High-End Bride

Mike & Kate Duval – Step Into The Light
Carla Ten Eyck – Know Your Lenses
Allana Taranto – Don’t Mention It: Intimate Posing for Boudoir
Crista Acosta & Nicole Taylor – Baby Portraits
Jerome Braga – Real Meaning of “In-Camera”
Eric Laurits – How to Headshot

OH YEAH! We did a Harlem Shake video too. I am in back… you really can’t see me but I love this thing. Tani in front!


Paul McNeary, me, and Eric Foley, super tired after a crazy three day retreat!! Worth every second of time, heart and prep!

So much fun together! Right after this Abby and Tate Larson, creators of Style Me Pretty, spoke to us! OMG! LOVED!

SO Will I go back to Inspire 2014… absolutely! Wanna go with me? Here’s where to start ….

Get involved with Inspire 2014:

Online to Register:

On Facebook:

Inspire Video:


Published: Newagen Seaside Inn Planner

Happy to announce that our photo of Jenn and Mike‘s 2012 wedding landed on the cover of Newagen Seaside Inn‘s new wedding planning kit. We love Newagen and adore the staff there.  If you’re looking at venues for a Boothbay Harbor, Maine destination wedding…. check it out! Blush photographs this wedding location a lot, and can tell you first hand, it’s an ideal waterfront location!

Maine weddings

To get your own PDF planner with tips: just click any image in this post to sign up on Newagen’s website.  It’s about ten pages of great info. Enjoy!

Congrats to other vendor friends featured: The Bob Charest Band, Meg Simone Wedding Films, Brian Wedge Photography, Michelle Stapleton Photography, Sperry Tent and Emily Carter Floral.


Newagen’s sign up page is simple and looks like this:

Jenn - Aww Love it!March 9, 2013 – 6:32 pm

Published: Maine Magazine

Wedding magazineWE want to say congratulations to Blush couple Ying and Chieu! Their Maine destination wedding story was featured in Maine Magazine‘s wedding edition for 2013 among a handful of great wedding stories from all over Maine.  This affectionate couple married in late 2011 The Camden Harbour Inn. It was a gorgeous day! When I called to tell Ying that the magazine wanted to feature her wedding, she informed me that the couple was expecting their first child. Awesome! We wish them all the best!

You may go back and see their original Blush story and wedding blog here:

Maine Magazine did a wonderful job highlighting some of their modern Chinese event held at The Camden Harbour Inn in a 3-page feature of our photography!




MWC members meet at Fitzgerald Photo Studio

Hi Guys, We have  the annual Maine Wedding Company State of the Company meeting on January 31st in the new studio coming up. Here is the info. This is a MWC members only meeting. We’ll have wine and cheese, a presentation and progress report about where the MWC is going and a discussion about trends in the Maine wedding industry including a roundtable about same-sex weddings, with opportunity to network.  Here are details and the RSVP Facebook page.

  • Thursday, January 31, 7 – 9 pm

    Event by: the MWC staff
    Hosted at Fitzgerald Photo Studio
    66 Pearl Street (corner of Pearl and Newbury) * Please note this is at Fitzgerald Photo’s new studio, not the old space.
    Suite 210
    Portland, ME 04101
    (207) 899-5585
    For members of the MWC only. Learn how the MWC organization is doing and where we are going in coming years. Shere in a round table discussion about topics concerning the Maine wedding industry today and provide your feedback. Networking at 7- 7:30 pm. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Water, wine, cheese and light snacks served.
    RSVP to go:
    Rain, snow or shine!
    There is a lot after 5 pm to park. (corner of Pearl and Newbury) Head for wooden awning and enter glass doors. Take elevator or stairs to second floor.

Photography Year In Review

It always amazes me how much work we do in just one year. I love doing our year in review blog. It is a great way to look back and remember all the weddings, couples, moments and faces that fly right by during a busy wedding season. And man, 2012 flew by! We started all the way back in January for this season this season with Mike and Jessica and went right through to the very end of October with Meghan and Chris. We worked in extreme cold and extreme heat. We shot in rain, snow, Fall foliage and on the hot sand. We wore scarfs and then sunscreen and back top gloves.

And at the end of the day, we helped another 22+ couples start their lives together… adding to my total weddings shot to over 400+ something now over the past 14 some years. Crazy.

I want to thank our second shooting team this year. Audra, Charlie, Kevin and most of all Mr. Kyle … who did an amazing job under some crazy conditions for me this year. Kyle, I could not have done this season without you.  You are an amazing photographer and you were an amazing support this year through it all…. the heat, the tough schedule, the double headers and for carrying me through when my beloved pug, Frodo, died the night before a wedding. I can’t thank you enough for all your work, for bringing the comedy mixes for the car and for making eating an adventure! I am so lucky to have you back next season with me.

Here are just a handful of my favorite images we made this year … (I’m not crazy about the quality of pics on video but keep it small. Hey, it’s just more fun to watch this way.) CLICK TO PLAY.

Thanks for saying thanks!

thank you cardsIt thrills us to get a thank you card from a client. There’s something so rewarding about that small tangible gesture that says, hey, “we had fun with you guys,” or “we’ll cherish these pictures always.”  We especially love it when our clients use our photography on their cards.  We receive custom elaborate cards and simple fun cards, holiday cards, folded cards and postcards.  It says to our studio that the work we do serves a real purpose in their lives. Our photos become art on their walls, memories on their mantles and history in their albums.  Our images are cherished for years and will be seen by their grandchildren.

Wedding photography becomes part of family history—  if it’s actually used. Isn’t that why you hire a professional for your wedding day? To record history. To decorate a new home. To declare that a new family has now started.  So when we get these little trinkets of thanks, we know our work was really useful to them. We want it used.  And, we mean, really used. Printed. Hung. Up. Sent. Framed. Mailed. Emailed. Shared. Facebooked. Tweeted ….. Used.

We don’t actually care if that little thank you card wasn’t bought through our studio or our online service. That’s all pish-posh.  At our studio clients are given rights to use our wedding images. More than a commission, we want our images used.  We received a card from Shutterfly this year that was gorgeous. Another one from CVS Photo that was just great. We simply love getting that card. (Now, for big photos on your walls, please get it from us or a quality pro photography lab… that, really is a quality thing.)

Clients have sent us ‘thank you things’ from around the world too.  Once we received a can of cookies from Germany from a bride.  It became our reception desk pencil can for years. Thanks Amy! A great gal, Jessica, actually made us a gorgeous set of fabric Christmas ornaments. We hang them every year and we think about her and her husband Christopher and her Kennebunkport wedding.  So fun! Two brides, Christie and Gemma, sent us a pieces of pottery that WE LOVE and that now decorate our studio presentation table.  We’ve also been thanked with apples from apple farmers, lobsters from lobstermen, wine, salmon and jam (yum) from many weddings, and  candy from just about everyone. (whether clients know it our not, we chomp on your wedding day candy if it’s out for guests… hey, keeps us alert. Tehe.) We even get thanked with a little cash here and there.  Although not expected, at all, who doesn’t love a tip?  Clients come back to visit us, have drinks and they send us holiday cards of their family and that’s a big thank you to us too. We just got one in from Leigh and Austin today.  You guys look great!

It doesn’t matter how you say thank you to your wedding photographer, just know, we really love it.

So thank you for saying thank you ladies and gents!  It was another wonderful wedding season. Wedding cards about from weddings at the The Portland Company and a wedding in Boston.


WE moved! Brian’s new space! Pictures!

The move continues… While my new home office is NOwhere near camera-ready yet but Brian (hubby & fellow photog of Fitzgerald Photo commercial photo) finally announced his new space officially.  It feels so good in there! I’m so so glad that he has his first own space. It really suits him. He just loves it! (See pics below.)

FYI, the new studio address is still downtown on the peninsula, in the Old Port… 66 Pearl Street, Suite 210 (on the corner of Pearl and Middle streets).  Look for the wooden awning over our entrance (on the back of the building, facing the Federal courthouse).  That’s us.  Come on up to the second floor.  On the way, check out the cool ’80s neon lighting sculpture in our lobby.

I will see Blush clients in this space too, but by appointment only. The epic move home for me has been rewarding too. Our Maggie, now 5, really does need a parent home all the time after school.  It’s a hard work adjustment, but personally, I love it! Check out her first school picture by Lifetouch… so yummy!

From Brian’s Blogs, he writes….

Fall is generally my busiest time of year—lots of clients needing to close out projects before year’s end—and so this year, I thought:  ”Why not make it even busier?”  So, I moved out of the super-awesome downtown Portland studio I’ve shared with my lovely wife and talented photographer Beth Fitzgerald (of the Maine Wedding Company and Blush Imagery) for the past four years and….moved into a new, super-awesome downtown Portland studio.


Beth and I are known for doing crazy things when we probably shouldn’t—like ripping out our kitchen in the middle of winter just because we were bored that weekend.   This time around, though, we planned a bit better.   This fall marked the start of kindergarten for our daughter Maggie, and in anticipation, Beth transitioned to working out of our home office while I hit the bricks in a search for a new studio space just for me.

It wasn’t easy, and my broker definitely did not get paid enough.   The pressure was on to get something on par with our last studio, which Beth found and decorated for us.   Nailed it.  As cool as our old studio was, my new Pearl Street studio has many advantages.   It’s not just the high, 14-foot-high ceilings, the 8-foot-high windows or the exposed brick wall.  Nah.  What really sold me was something not even in my studio, but down the hall:  the elevator.  As a photographer who does a lot of work on location, that’s a feature that just makes my life…better.    To top it off, I have parking right outside my door and the location (although I’ll miss the Portland Pie Company, I ate WAY too much of their pizza) is closer to many of my clients.   Not to mention, coffee.  And the police station, just in case.

I’m all moved in now, and have had a number of shoots here already.  I’m still figuring out the angles, but it’s fun doing so.   I’ll host an open house after the first of the new year.   Until then, enjoy the photos and if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Fitzgerald Photo Studio!   If I’m not here, at least you can enjoy the elevator.


Hidden Pond: Megan and Chris

To view all images of this wedding when available, please register at

WOW, We’re going out with a bang with our last wedding of the 2012 season! This was a gorgeous wedding held at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine. Megan and Chris kept their wedding low key. The Austin, Texas decided to skip the frills, dancing and typical “events” of a destination Maine wedding reception. Simply put… not their style. Instead they created a warm, elegant and intimate ceremony and lovely dinner for just 40 of their closest family and friends.

Megan and Chris’s wedding was just exceptional. The natural and rustic details were so so nice and the evening felt calm and romantic. Guests sipped wine and ate and visited and then sipped wine and ate and visited some more — in a luxurious barn and under the stars in a beautiful, hidden remote resort. Just wonderful!

Take a look at this rustic barn fall wedding full of natural details! My hats off to fellow wedding pros (and pals) Judith Wilbur Bourgeois of Flora Fauna for bringing the outdoors inside for this event. It was a secret garden to dine in…. Really beautiful work! The bride could not say enough good words about the flowers or design. And to Melanie Voros of Blissful Beginnings for keeping all the pieces together and performing a perfect wedding ceremony. With great taste, attention to detail and the best care for the couple and their guests… it’s hard to go wrong when you are just capturing these two talents.

Megan and Chris, congrats on a wonderful wedding weekend. My best to you both! Beth :)




Maine wedding photographer was Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery, with second photographer Charlie.

Invitations/ Programs Ello There

Gown from Hitherto for BHLDN

Hair by Bei Capelli

Makeup by Bei Capelli

Ceremony Venue at Hidden Pond

Officiant Melanie Voros of Blissful Beginnings

Music Ceremony Paul Bourjelais Jazz Guitarist

Reception Venue Hidden Pond

Event Planner / Coordinator  Melanie Voros of Blissful Beginnings

Florist, decor, and lighting Judy of Flora Fauna

Music Reception Paul Bourjelais Jazz Guitarist

Catering by Fete

Cake by Wild Orchid Baking Co.


Nicole Hill - These photographs are gorgeous! Nice work!January 2, 2013 – 7:49 pm

Portland, Maine engagement session with Kaitlin and Brian

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Kaitlin and Brian are one of my new 2013 couples getting married next August. Is 2013 starting already? Oh my word!

Anyway… these guys are fantastic fun and have great chemistry together. Made my job cake. I adroe them. They met on a blind date but I met them downtown for an engagement in the Old Port. Their goal was to get great photos and one particular photo for their 2013 save the date card with their date in it to match their upcoming wedding theme. I think we did great! But take a look and you be the job.

Kaitlin and Brian, I can’t wait to plan your big day with you! XOXO B:)


Bar Harbor Club: Tyler and Katie

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Tyler and Katie met while working for the same company. The same company, actually, that owns the Bar Harbor Club in Bar Harbor Maine where they married this October. This is a very sweet couple. They were happy to be surrounded by their family and friends on their wedding day. Not much else really mattered. But of course, the Bar Harbor Club takes very good care of its own. They brought in the top notch talent of florist, Chelcey Dunham to make the decor special. Their friend Preston officiated the service and he did an amazing, amazing  job for the pair. (I worry when a couple tells me that a friend is doing the service but Preston was so, so good. And the bonus with a friend is that the right he/ she really does know you best.) Katie and Tyler had the time of their lives at a place in Maine that means so much to them. The day was simply beautiful, relaxed and fun… and you can’t ask for much more than that on a wedding day! They rocked that dancefloor too with the help of DJ Dave Dionne. Congrats guys!

Take a look  at just a few shots of their day….




Maine wedding photography by Beth Fitzgerald Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle.

Gown by Andrea Bridal.

Hair & Makeup Harborside Spa.

Ceremony Venue The Bar Harbor Club.

Reception Venue The Bar Harbor Club.

Event Planner / Cordinator Deb Jordan & Christine.

Florist Chelcey Dunham.

Music & Reception Ceremony by DJ Dave Dionne.

Catering by Bar Harbor Club.


Newagen Seaside Inn: Jenn and Chris

In her words:

It was love at first sight. As soon as I looked into his eyes, I knew that my single days were over. We spent those few days together then he asked me on a date to a Patriot’s game. I never met anyone that challenged me like he did, we just had so much fun together. It’s great that we not only love each other, we like each other.  After 11 months we were engaged! And the rest is history.




Maine wedding photographer was Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery, with second photographer Charlie.

Invitations/ Programs by Hullabaloo Studios, Lisbon, ME.

Gown from Simone Carvalli

Bridesmaid dress by Monique Lhuillier

Hair by Caitlin Mondor

Makeup by Caitlin Mondor

Ceremony Venue at All Saints by the Sea in Southport.

Officiant Father Michael Ambler

Music Ceremony Bob Charest Band

Reception Venue Newagen Seaside Inn

Event Planner / Coordinator  Jessica and Jason at Newagen Seaside Inn.

Florist Emily Carter.

Videographer Media Northeast

Music Reception Bob Charest Band.

Catering by Newagen Seaside Inn.

Cake by European Bakery.

Honeymoon to Kaui and Maui


Inspire Photo Seminar Boston 2013

I’m excited to announce that I have been chosen as a speaker for Inspire Boston 2013 for a program I run called Competing in a Competitive Market. Inspire is a retreat-style conference for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The conference is comprised of sessions on a variety of subjects, from business practices to shooting techniques, led by local professional photographers. The next conference is February 11 – 13th, 2013 in Sturbridge, MA.

The Inspire Photo Retreat is run by a fantastic group of down-to-earth photographers (See the team below.) who have a ridiculous amount of fun together. They are certainly top notch. I attended this workshop 2 years ago myself and can honestly say I learned the most from their small class format and one-on-one mentoring. I am excited to speak, but I plan on attending the classes myself too… the presentations look amazing this year. I also am happy to report that many of the speakers chosen are also from Maine. (See complete list below.) So proud of our talented Mainers!

And you know, I excited to drink and be merry with new photographers from all over the country and catch up with my northeast photo friends as well! The after-class time is just insane fun.

This workshop is limited and only takes 200 people to keep the classes super small so check out their site and register as soon as you can. It’s a great rate. Below is some info or check out their complete site at :


Dear Inspire Friends,

Drum roll please… we couldn’t be more excited for our 2013 speaker lineup!

Inspire 2013 will fill you with new ideas about how you see and photograph, strategies and new skills that you may apply to your businesses immediately, and a richly expanded network of photographers and friends.

Inspire is a 2 ½ day retreat-style conference for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The conference is comprised of sessions on a variety of subjects, from business practices to shooting techniques, to exposure to new and exciting ways of thinking about photography.

All meals are included with conference registration, beginning with Monday evening dinner, and ending with Wednesday evening light appetizers before you hit the road to head home. Also built into the conference is an all day trade show chock full of our favorite industry vendors, technical demos, master portfolio reviewers, and drop-in mentoring tables where you may seek advice and mentoring on a variety of topics.

We can’t wait to see you in February 2013!


The Inspire Planning Team:
Enna Grazier
Carla Ten Eyck
Krista Guenin
Paul McNerney
Mark A. Higgins
Eric Fol


Monday Half-Day Classes (pre-registration required)
Jared Bauman – Hands-On Pricing Intensive, workshop sponsored by ShootDotEdit
Allana Taranto – Portfolio Hack
Tim & Chris Riley – Lightroom Workflow, workshop sponsored by RPG Keys
Jasen Aten – Building An All-Star Team

Conference Workshop Sessions
Brian Friedman – Don’t (just) Shoot Weddings
David Murray – Intensive Portfolio Critique
Beth Fitzgerald – Competing in a Competitive Market
Michael Donnor – Personal Vision
Amber & Eric Langlois – Things We Wish We Had Known
Doug Levy – How’d You Light That
Meg Belanger, Krista Guenin, & Kristin Chalmers – Panel: Passion Projects
Jane Shauck – Making A Financially Comfortable Life With Photography
Doug Levy – Getting Businesses to Do Business: Pricing & Estimating for Corporate Clients
Tomas Flint – SEEDS: Rediscovery of Our Most Precious Gift
LeeAnn Marie – Workflow
Leah Haydock & Kate McElwee – The Dichotomy of the High-End Bride

Hands-On Camera Classes (pre-registration required)
Mike & Kate Duval – Step Into The Light
Carla Ten Eyck – Choosing Lenses
Allana Taranto – Don’t Mention It: Intimate Posing for Boudoir
Crista Acosta & Nicole Taylor – Baby Portraits
Jerome Braga – Real Meaning of “In Camera”
Eric Laurits – How to Headshot

Pre-registration for all special classes will open in January, and will be first-come, first serve.

Stage Neck Inn: Elise and David

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In her words by Elise: We met on a blind date (sort of). Elise did a mortgage for Dave and after he closed on his new house, he asked her out for dinner. They met for Sushi at Fuji, sight unseen, and have been together ever since.

David proposed to Elise on 12/23/2011 after they went out for sushi. They came home to do an early gift exchange, and after David had opened his present (a new iPhone case), Dave handed Elise a shoe box (She wanted Uggs). Elise opened the Uggs and was very excited that she got the one thing she asked for. Dave urged her to put them on to test their size. When Elise went to remove the paper inside the shoe at the toe, there was more than just paper inside. Elise pulled out a ring and looked up to find Dave on one knee. After almost 4 years, it Is the best day ever!

Elise and Dave, Your wedding was full of great moments for me! Happy people produce wonderful moments!  I wish you (five) a lifetime full of love and happiness together! I was so happy to be with you on your wedding day.

Stage Neck Inn

Stage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck Inn

Stage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck InnStage Neck Inn


Maine wedding photography by Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery and second Blush photographer, Kyle.

Invitations/ Programs

Gown by David’s Bridal – S. Portland, ME

Bridesmaid Dress By David’s Bridal – S. Portland, ME

Hair Freedom Salon & Day Spa – York, ME

Makeup Freedom Salon & Day Spa- York, ME

Ceremony Venue  Stage Neck Inn – York, Maine

Reception Venue Stage Neck Inn – York, Maine

Event Planner / Cordinator Dawn Whittemore – Stage Neck Inn

Florist Harmon’s & Barton’s – Portland, Maine

Officiant James Briggs III – Ordained Minister – Portland, Maine

Music Ceremony Northeast Event Design – Danny DeBruin

Music Reception Northeast Event Design – Danny DeBruin

Catering Stage Neck Inn – York, Maine

Cake Ahimsa Custom Cakes – Auburn, Maine

Videographer Media Northeast – Josh Swan

Event Lighting Northeast Event Design – Danny DeBruin

Photobooth Northeast Event Design – Danny DeBruin

Favors Random things from random places


Tim Cassidy - Amazing picsOctober 10, 2012 – 2:31 pm

The Portland Company: Heather and Matt

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In her words, by Heather : Despite the fact that Matt and I were both members of the class of 2003 at Colby College, had multiple mutual friends, and later realized that we had taken at least one class together, we almost made it to graduation without meeting. Luckily, we both ended up taking road trips from Maine to Florida for spring break during our senior year (separately), and were introduced for the first time when our two groups of friends organized a night out in Orlando. But it wasn’t until a week later when I ran into Matt in the library back at Colby that I realized how excited I was to see him again and thought that this random meeting in Florida might actually have been the start of something.

Fast forward through college graduation, four years of living in different states, six months of living in different countries, more than ten apartments in ten different cities between us, two graduate degrees, multiple career moves, and countless other life changes and here we are, getting married in one of our favorite cities. I don’t think either of us ever anticipated that our chance meeting in Florida would lead us to where we are today, but neither of us could be happier. Although we’ve been together for most of the last decade, we can’t wait to make it official!

Congrats Matt and Heather on a beautiful wedding day in Portland together! I was happy to be there with you and have never seen The Portland Company look so good! Great job guys! Take a look at a few of my favorite images made that day!



Maine wedding photographer was Beth Fitzgerald with Blush Imagery along with Blush second photographer Kyle.

  • Invitations/ Programs Lara Lind Graphic & Web Design
  • Gown by  Essense of Australia, from Camilla’s Brida
  • Bridesmaid Dress By J. Crew
  • Hair by Laura Flood, Independent Stylist
  • Makeup Laura Flood, Independent Stylist Ceremony Venue
  • Ceremony Venue The Portland Company
  • Reception Venue The Portland Company
  • Event Planner / Cordinator Blue Elephant Events and Catering (day-of coordinator)
  • Florist Fiddleheads of South Portland
  • Officiant Abigail Varga (friend of bride and groom)
  • Music Ceremony Peter Albert Guitar
  • Music Reception Bob Charest Band
  • Catering Blue Elephant Events and Catering / Spirits Beverage Catering
  • Cake Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott
  • Tent / Rentals Marshall Tent and Event Rental
  • Event Lighting Moonlighting Production Services
  • Rings – Martoni & James;
  • Bride’s shoes – Nine West



Newagen Seaside Inn: Jenn and Mike

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Mike and Jenn met by chance while walking their dogs in their neighborhood. How amazing is that these days?  And that chance meeting, ignited a romance with so much passion. Mike and Jenn share an amazing zest for life. The couple came from Missouri to marry at the always gorgeous Newagen Seaside Inn in Boothbay, Maine this September.
Jenn planned a beautiful Maine destination for her guests. It was an absolutely fabulous rehearsal dinner on Cabbage Island and coastal wedding at Boothbay Harbor. They had the best weather, a stunning bride, handsome groom, and gorgeous decor. You must know that Emily Carter did a wonderful job on flowers and decor.  They had friends and family who were awesome and a ton of fun. Their ceremony was at nearby All Saints by the Sea which is the sweetest little church right on the rocks and water.  A lobster boat sailed the couple back to the Newagen Seaside Inn for their reception & celebration. And the whole day felt wonderful … not stressful or tense … just totally joyous.
What else do you need? Oh yah…. music. The Bob Charest Band was on fire for their party! Amazing job Cindy and Bob and crew! I still have their version of Todo’s “Africa” in my head. I mean these people can party! It was a great time and here’s the images prove it!
Mike and Jenn, You guys are simply the best. SO much fun! And you are on your way to a beautiful life with amazing friends and family surrounding you. I am so very happy for you guys! Thanks for a day of fun together! Come back to Maine soon! It made for fabulous images…. see…… :)
Maine wedding photographer was Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery, with second photographer Kyle.  Invitations/ Programs by Hoot Design Co.  Gown from Fleur Di Lis. Bridesmaid dress by Natasha Millano.  Hair by Bonnie at A Cut Above. Makeup by About a Face.  Ceremony Venue at All Saints by the Sea in Southport.  Officiant Carl Russell. Music Ceremony Encore.  Reception Venue Newagen Seaside Inn.  Event Planner / Coordinator  Jessica and Jason at Newagen Seaside Inn. Florist Emily Carter.  Music Reception Bob Charest Band.  Catering by Newagen Seaside Inn.  Cake by European Bakery.  Tent by Marshall. Honeymoon to Spain, Italy in June.

Maine wedding photographer - Maine wedding venues - [...] to announce that our photo of Jenn and Mike‘s 2012 wedding landed on the cover of Newagen Seaside Inn‘s new wedding planning kit. [...]February 24, 2013 – 2:49 pm

Beth - Thanks Mr. Hatley!October 2, 2012 – 7:12 pm

Chuck Hatley DDS - These are the best wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Wonderful setting,beautiful people, great weather. Spectacular!!!!!October 2, 2012 – 2:29 pm

Fitzgerald Photo goes rogue – new studio update

I let you guys  know a few months back that we’d be moving out of our fabulous studio in downtown Portland. Sniff…but for good reason.

Short why: I needed to be home for our baby Maggie, 5, who started Kindergarten and will now come home in the afternoons. So I moved my work to my home office. (I worked at home for years… so no big deal.)  Brian, my hubby and owner of Fitzgerald Photo and Maine Headshots, is getting too big and will take a smaller studio on his own.  I will hold meet and greets for wedding clients there and shoot the occasional portrait as needed.  I am pretty excited for Brian. He works so hard! And though, the adjustments and move are a little hard, this is a WAY better set up for the family for now.

Just a fun TMI, I have worked side by side with Brian for years, even at the newspaper where we first met in Phoenix. We always had the same shift so it’s kind of like having my right arm missing now. I’m used to talking to him all day, and yes I’m not the only yapper, he talks to me all day too. I will admit, it’s nice to have something to talk about when he gets home. I actually don’t know what he did all day! This is a very good thing! We may have to go to walkie-talkies though because we talk, text all day… but a little space (for two very big personalities) is a new, good thing overall.

Sadly, we will no longer rent studio space. We did that, if you didn’t know, for photogs through what we called Maine Studio B …. but it proved too hard to get photogs in between all of Brian’s in-studio work. Total bummer, it was fun to have friends there, but we will cut that endevore all together.

Onward… Brian found a great location and amazing new studio! Great floors, brick walls, incredible windows, light and still downtown which is helpful for Brian’s clients. We move Oct. 5. I’ll show pics when I can…. they are putting in new flooring this week. We are thrilled that it all worked out well! And we went shopping for all new boy stuff too… so Brian would no longer have to live in my girly office… hey, he survived a long time! Now, he’s gone rogue.

What happens to the old space? We are out of there by Oct. 15. And guess what?  Another set of photographers saw my original blog post about the studio plan. They wanted to move to Portland and they will snatch it up. Very happy for them. They are super cool and run a fierce business!  Nelly! (I’m being vague because I’m not sure if they’ve announced yet.)

As always, our friends and family are so supportive of Brian and I over the years both personally and in business. Although sometimes you’ve had to say, “OK, you guys are doing what now?” …. we really appreciate all your help and love!

More about the move soon … cheers!



Diamond’s Edge: Katie and Sean

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Katie and I hit it off instantly at our first meeting together. She is one of my favorite brides this year because she is such an inspiring young women. She is smart, beautiful, sensitive and an incredible athlete who’s passionate for her work as an adaptive winter sports instructor. Amazing gal. And Sean, her guy, is a super cool guy. They have a wonderful relationship and families. They married at Diamond’s Edge just a few weeks ago on Great Diamond Island in Portland’s Casco Bay. It was a lovely day. You’ll see this in the photos below but as a special note, please notice Katie’s dog, Trina. The amazing  Labrador was picture-perfect (on cue), but more importantly by Katie’s side, completely calm and helpful all day. Trina is a well trained therapy dog and is always by Katie’s side for her own personal needs and for Katie’s work helping others.  The bond between Trina and Katie is intense. Trina is Katie’s best friend and a big part of their family. And as one might say about Katie herself …. to know her is to absolutely love her.

As a dog person myself, I thought this would be “fun.” It’s always great to have a dog in a wedding. But, I didn’t expect it to be so inspiring.

This wedding was inspiring. Congrats to Sean and Katie … and Trina.


Maine wedding photographs by Beth Fitzgerald of  Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle

Gown bought at Little White Dress in Denver, CO
Bridesmaid Dress By Impression Bridal
Hair Tammy DeMarkles
Makeup Self
Ceremony Venue Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island
Reception Venue Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island
Officiant Jim Patterson
Music Ceremony Wavelength
Music Reception Wavelength
Catering Diamond Cove
Cake Desserts – Izzy’s Cheesecakes and Good Eats Boutique
Tent / Rentals Diamond Cove



kristina beal - I knew Katie when we were both very little. Mum sent me the link to this- and I just wanted to say how very beautiful the photos are. It must have been a lovely event.
KristinaOctober 15, 2012 – 6:07 am

Bar Harbor Club: Allison and Charles

In Allison’s words: When Charles and I first met in the spring of 2010, I had no idea if we would become friends. We grew up a neighborhood apart from each other in South Walpole, and had somehow managed to never meet. Our paths hadn’t crossed even once, so I don’t think either of us really knew what to expect. But, after a couple glasses of sangria at a local Mexican restaurant (Mexican restaurants played an unusually large role in this relationship), we became instant friends. Over the course of the summer, we got to know each other better, and as summer turned to fall, there wasn’t a night we didn’t spend staying up all night, talking into the morning. That was one of the first things I noticed about Charles, was how easy it was to talk to him about almost anything. We only became more close throughout the winter, and the more time I spent with him, the more I realized I had never had a connection like that with anybody before. It was all happening so naturally, and we hadn’t even gone on a first date yet. The holidays soon approached, and this is where things get debatable, because somebody made the first move on Thanksgiving night, and nobody seems to want to own up to it, even to this day. Ask either of us, and you’ll get an entirely different story. Coincidentally, I had asked Charles earlier in the evening to be my date to my cousin’s wedding the following summer, and neither of us could have predicted that, come June, we would actually be engaged ourselves. We started dating New Years Day of 2011, and we couldn’t be happier with how this past year has turned out.
Credits: Maine wedding photography by Beth Fitzgerald Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle. Invitations and Programs by Wedding Paper Divas. Gown by Sophia Tolli. Bridesmaid Dress by J. Crew. Hair Anthony John’s Day Spa. Makeup Anthony John’s Day Spa. Ceremony Venue The Bar Harbor Club. Reception Venue The Bar Harbor Club. Event Planner / Cordinator Deb Jordan. Florist Chelcey Dunham. Music Ceremony by DJ Bill Lyons. Music Reception by DJ Bill Lyons Catering by Bar Harbor Club. Cake by Poor Boys Gourmet. Favors by Serendipity Favors. Honeymoon by Harborside Hotel.


The Colony: Nicole and Tom

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My most memorable couple this year is Nicole and Tom.  They are both teachers and each are warm, sweet, and smart.  Tom is outgoing and friendly.  Nicole is sweet and loving. Together, they make a great fit.  Just days before their event, I shot an engagement session with them in Portland. We squeezed it in last minute while they were here for the wedding. During the session, I was overwhelmed by Tom’s kindness and his interest in my own life and my work.  Just a super nice guy!  And I was blown away by how gorgeous and sweet Nicole is— seriously, like a Disney Princess.  She has no idea how pretty she is. (SShhh. don’t tell her… it’s a rare, wonderful combo!)

And I admit, I was excited to see this beautiful girl, all made up in her princess dress, at this gorgeous venue … The Colony in Kennebunkport, Maine on her wedding day. I was in for an amazing event.

Their wedding day, like a fairy tale, had everything …. the anticipation, drama, suspense, tears, joy, laughter, fun and a very happy ending. (I post a recap blog at the end of the season when I will tell you more about their day.) But, bigger than any one part of the wedding day was their love and ability to care for each other.

Nicole and Tom, I know your love will endure the roller coaster of life very well. I know, I saw it first hand. I’m happy to have been there with you!

Take a look at Nicole and Tom’s perfect wedding day and some of my most favorite images that I have made all year. Enjoy! 



Maine wedding photographer: Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle.

Maine Officiant: Dan Forte
Music Ceremony: Jeff Rockwell
Music Reception: Jeff Rockwell
Catering: The Colony Hotel

Maine PUG : Jim Collins, CEO Pictage Sept. 4

The Blush Imagery studio will host the Maine August / Septemeber P.U.G. meeting on September 4 with Jim Collins, CEO of Pictage (also owns This is a fun, rare treat for us so let’s rally and show him Maine has a vibrant photography community! ALL and any photographers are so absolutely welcome to come!


Studio: The studio is at 28 Maple Street Portland, Maine 04101. Parking around area and in the big dirt lot to the left side of portland pie co. is free after 5 pm. PLEASE BYOB … I am not allowed to buy your drinks now. Sorry, rule. AND, please connect with me if you can assist with extra seating. Should be a fun night, big group.

For more info on this event email Maine Pug leader the fabulous, Geneve Hoffman.

For day of concerns, text / call Beth at 207-899-5585.

Facebook page for RSVP, latest updates:

Meet Jim Collins at Maine PUG: Going right to the source…What are the trends in our biz? Thinking of making the switch to Pictage–see how it all works. Already a Pictage user–What would you like to see or change at Pictage? Bring your tough questions and suggestions for Jim–he can handle it. We’ll have lots of Pictage samples to show off. Should be an amazing PUG–hope everyone can make it!

We are combining August and September meeting. Bring your favorite beverage, and we’ll provide snacks.




French’s Point : Sarah and Chris

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Chris and Sarah married at the iconic French’s Point in Stockton Springs, Maine on a hot gorgeous day this  August. It was a fantastic day all around. Great families, gorgeous ceremony with heart, and crazy dance party. And all I can say is that knowing Chris and Sarah for a short time is that this warm loving, fun couple deserved every second of their perfect day and I really hope you guys move to Maine sooner than later! I’d love to have my new friends here! Thank you for letting be part of this day guys! All our love ….

How they met, by Sarah ….

Chris and I met in college. We went to Drew University in New Jersey. Being two New Englanders in a campus full of NY and NJ folks you’d think we would have met from the start. However, we didn’t meet till Chris was a senior and I was a junior. We had lots of mutual best friends but somehow managed to miss each other for almost three years. When we finally did meet-that was it. We started dating and soon after Chris graduated. He moved back to Maine for the summer while I was in NYC. At the end of the summer, we spent all of our time together and decided to commit to a long distance relationship for the year. He moved to Boston and I went back to NJ. The following year I graduated and moved back to Boston. We’ve been together ever since!

After almost seven years of being together and three and a half of living together, Chris finally proposed! While waiting for the perfect ring to be made (designed by Chris himself), Chris took it upon himself to make his own ring. He went to the wood shop at school and made a beautiful wood ring topped with gold wire. Sitting at home on the couch when I least expected it, he popped the question with the wood ring. Inside the gold wire was a little piece of paper that said “Will you marry me”. Obviously, I said yes! I wore the wood ring to work the next day :)

Chris went to graduate school for Architecture and is starting out his career in Boston. I work at a high school outside of Boston as a school psychologist. We live in South Boston but it is our dream to be able to move to Portland sometime in the near future!


Maine wedding photography by Beth Fitzgerald Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle
Gown by Judd Waddell
Bridesmaid Dress by J.Crew
Venue French’s Point
Design and Flowers by Flora Fauna
Officiant Uncle Bill Reed
Wedding band was Project DCQ

SMCC wedding: Meaghan and Griffin

Meaghan and Griffin married next to the the water’s edge at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland. It was a a fabulous weather day! Their reception was then just a stone’s throw away at the banquet hall on campus. With the beach nearby for guest fun and perfect pictures … it really is a wonderful place to have a wedding event. Congrats to you all! Here’s just a few pics to see first! Must see kiss photo… best kiss of the year! Loved it! Meaghan you are hysterical and adorable— lethal combo!

To be notified when all images are ready to view, please register at :


Gown by j crew
Bridesmaid Dress By Anne Taylor Loft
Hair Billy Dangler, Knaughty hair salon
Ceremony Venue SMCC Fort Preble Bunker, So Portland ME
Reception Venue SMCC Dining hall, SO. Portland, ME
Event Planner / Coordinator Kelley Sprague 232-3894
Florist Monica Theberge, Flowers INC
Officiant Jim Laliberty
 Music Ceremony By DJ Scott Labbe
Music Reception By DJ Scott Labbe
Catering York’s Catering
Cake French’s Cakes
Event Lighting Vitas Normantas
Favors- Donation to Barbara Bush Childern’s hospital, at Maine Medical Center.
Honeymoon Sailboat, sailing the coast of ME


Paul Barnes - Wow, it was like a royal wedding on a beautiful day!! Love my kids Meg and Griffy!! xxooxx Uncle PaulAugust 19, 2012 – 10:27 am

Jane Searles - WOW! The clarity, the sharpeness, the brilliant colors of the photos, UNBELIEVEABLE! And, of course the stunning bride and groom!!August 18, 2012 – 4:36 pm

Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA: Lisa and Matt

Lisa and Matt had a beautiful, full, traditional big Boston wedding at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Andover and then celebrated with their family and friends at  The Seaport Hotel on Boston’s waterfront. Their wedding had it all— and then some! And it was fun! Crazy fun! Lisa looked so beautiful. It was a really great day from start to finish! Just take a look at the moments on this wedding. Congrats Lisa and Matt! There are so many great shots to see of this wedding. Enjoy!
To be notified when all images are ready to view, please register at :
Gown by Christos/Vows in Watertown MA
Bridesmaid Dress: Chantilly Place
Hair: La Forza, Andover MA
Makeup: La Forza, Andover MA
Ceremony Venue: St. Augustines Church
Event Planner / Cordinator: Christina Pedranti
Florist: Les Fleurs/Andover
Officiant: Father Mark Cregan
Music Ceremony: Cynthia Aresenault
Music Reception: Peter O’Karma

Portland Company: Anastasios and Catherine

Anastasios (Tommy) and Catherine had a garden ceremony with the “Brits and Greeks” — a.k.a their families — at Catherine’s home in Cape Elizabeth with a celebration at The Portland Company in downtown Portland, Maine. It was a great day. Admittedly, it was a hot day… but it was very nice overall. Nothing could keep Tommy’s New York Greek family or Catherine’s British family away from helping these two have a great day together in style. Congrats to the Brits and Greeks! OPAAAA!

To see all photos of this event when available:



Venue: Portland Company

Caterer: Aurora Provisions

Florist: Compositions

Entertainment: Amazing DJ Music




Inn at Peaks Island, Maine wedding for Joanna and Eric

Enjoy pictures from Eric and Joanna’s Peaks Island wedding. I love Joanna and Eric’s ‘how they met’ story so I will let it speak for itself…. hysterical!

How they met, by Joanna:

Eric and I actually met at a speed dating event. His roommate dragged him to the event and my friend Jamie convinced me. Eric had two empty seats near him so Jamie and I sat next to them. We started chatting and I encouraged him to listen to the instructions since we hadn’t done it before, but he didn’t and at the end of the night the only notes he took was my phone number when he asked for it at the end of the night. He even tried to convince me to just sit with him all night, but I told him I had already paid the money so I was going through with it! He followed up first thing the following morning and invited me to go see a tour of Air Force II since he was in the Air Force and that was his mission. I took some friends with me and our second date had 4 friends on it.

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Maine wedding photographer Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle.

Invitations/ Programs Rebecca Loveridge
Gown by Melissa Sweet

Hair & Makeup by friend and stylist, Marianna (TBD)
Ceremony Venue St. Christopher’s Church Peaks Island, Maine
Reception Venue Inn on Peaks Island
Event Planner / Coordinator Diane York
Florist Fleur de Lis
Officiant Father Dube
Music Reception Rockwell Production
Catering Inn on Peaks Island
Cake European Bakery
Tent / Rentals Inn on Peaks Island
Favors cookies, homemade with love by the family
Honeymoon St. Lucia


Greystone Manor: Lindsay and Chuck

Lindsay and Charles’s June wedding was at Greystone Manor in Cape Neddick, Maine. It is an amazing private estate for a Maine destination wedding. The wedding day was super hot — a rarity in Maine. But it fit the charismatic, passionate couple and guests stayed happy sipping cocktails by the sea. Lindsay works as an account manager for a high end office furniture dealer in Boston. Chuck runs his own business as a independent certified financial planner in Boston. Together they are funny, outgoing and lively. It made my day really fun! At times, I was laughing so hard I could barely shoot. And at other times, there were so many tears flowing from their happy families (and myself) that it was hard to see straight. Luckily, the photos are still fabulous. You couldn’t miss with these two! Great moments. (Congrats Chuck, I am sure you will be making my website when I redesign it again this Fall!) All my best best to you both! I hope your lives will be even more exciting than our June day together!

How they met, by Lindsay:We both went to the University of New Hampshire but never met until after graduation when we were both introduced through mutual friends at a homecoming event. After several weeks as friends, Chuck finally asked Lindsay on a date, and we have been inseparable ever since : )

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To request an album of this event, email Beth at

 Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0002Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0003Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0004Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0005Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0006Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0007Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0008Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0010Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0009Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0011Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0023Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0012Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0013Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0014Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0015Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0001Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0016Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0017Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0018Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0019Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0020Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0021Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0022Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0024Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0026Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0027Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0025Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0030Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0028Greystone-Manor- York-Maine-Wedding_0029


Maine wedding photographer: Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery with second shooter, Kyle.

Gown & Tux by  Vera Wang
Bridesmaid Dress by Alfred Angelo
Hair & Makeup (Need info)
Maine Ceremony Venue Greystone Manor
Maine Reception Venue Greystone Manor
Maine Officiant Father Bob
Music Ceremony DJ Stephen Greco
Music Reception DJ Stephen Greco

What they said: Eileen & Walt


A sincere thank you for all that you did for our wedding!  We miss Maine so much but the wedding was a perfect send off.  Everything was perfect, so perfect.  Even the horrible hurricane-like weather just could not ruin such a wonderful day.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing what you do, Beth.  You are truly talented!

I know we said a brief thank you the other day but we’ve had time to put a few wedding pictures on the wall and we can’t stop staring at them!  They are gorgeous works of art and how you incorporate angles, colors, and light is beyond me.  I can see all the details of our wedding in your pictures.  They captured all the in between moments that I either couldn’t see or missed.  The day really did fly by so it was special looking through each and every picture cherishing the moments throughout the day.  I laughed and cried looking through them and I am so glad you were there to capture those special moments.

Thank you for making Walter and I feel so special.  It was the wedding of my dreams and I now have wedding pictures of my dreams!  I wish we could do it all over again!
With love,
Eileen and Walter Geer

What They Said: Sarah and Stephen

Beth- You and your team were out of this world. From our very first talk I knew that you just got what it is we wanted… which was a natural telling of our story and the precious moments that pass in a wink of an eye. When I tried to “pin” the type of photos I wanted I went to your website to see which of the ones you’ve already taken I’d like. I loved them all. You are incredibly talented and your passion is apparent in every shot you take. I’m so happy you were a part of our big day. We had a blast!!!!
Sarah and Stephen

ViewPoint Hotel: Sarah and Stephen

Sarah and Stephen’s Saturday wedding at ViewPoint Hotel in Cape Neddick, Maine was stunning. As weddings go, it doesn’t get better than this.  I started writing a blog and it just became a full album. I couldn’t help myself. There’s just too much that you must see.  Sarah and Stephen are a remarkable couple who live, work, love and play hard.  Their wedding was a testimonial to the life they live together, the friends who they surround themselves with and the family they hold dear. Seriously, the Tacy and Tangrdei families were just the most amazing, fun people to celebrate with! And… what a party!  To say the least, my Blush team had a blast taking part in this wedding event. It was a stand out wedding… and one I will never forget. Nothing makes me happier than falling in love with our couples and the work we do for them. Cheers and love to you Stephen and Sarah! And special thanks and love to Sheryl and Kevin (Sarah’s folks)!

This wedding day story and  collection of images is simply fabulous due to the talents of the fine vendors involved. Top notch service, design (OMG emily b event design… thank you Kirstin!) and work by all. Take the time to read the credits below. Dream team! AND, There’s still so much to see. This is just a highlight book of images and not all family is represented fairly here so make sure you sign up to see all images of this stunning event.

Family: For more pictures of this Maine wedding event when available visit 
Vendors: For images of this event please email us for instructions.

To request a wedding album of this event.


Maine wedding photography by Blush Imagery with Beth Fitzgerald with second shooter Kyle, lighting by Brian
Gown by Liv Harris design in silk taffeta
Bridesmaid dress Alfred Sung
Wedding engagement ring by DeScenza Diamonds
Bride’s band DeScenza signature collection band
Brides necklace Sarah’s  pearl pendant was the one her great grandfather gave her Great grandmother to wear on their wedding day…it was then worn by Sarah’s grandmother 60 years ago and Sarah’s mother 35 years ago on our wedding days!
Groom’s ring Scott Kay
Hair by Joya Beauty
Makeup by bride Joya Beauty
Event design by  by emily b event design
Ceremony Venue ViewPoint Hotel
Reception Venue ViewPoint Hotel
Tent and Lighting by 
Sperry Tents
Flowers by Hamilton Gardens of Hamilton, MA (owned by Sarah’s aunt and uncle)
Officiant by Russell Weatherspoon
Day of coordination Beth with Foster’s Downeast Clambake
Catering and cocktails by Foster’s Downeast Clambake
Gluten free cake by  Owen Dyer , of Confection Art, in York, Me
Band Men In Black


Kristin Burgess - Gorgeous, Beth! You did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see the rest.June 29, 2012 – 1:12 pm

Newagen Seaside Inn: Lauren and Brad

Lauren fell in love with her grandmother’s dress as a young girl.  She just  knew that she HAD to wear it on her wedding day.  And with just a few alterations,  she did.  Blending the vintage dress into her Coastal Maine wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine was no easy task.  I mean, this takes having “something old” to a new level, right?  But the smart, sophisticated Lauren mixed  her vintage, simple-country and and natural-rustic wedding ideas together for a sweet, sentimental wedding event that both families adored. (And so did I!) Lauren and Brad were friends all through college at Colby.  They kept in touch sporadically after graduation and  reconnected at their 5 year reunion. The rest, as they say, was history. Lauren’s grandmother watched her granddaughter walk down the aisle last Sunday in the same dress she wore to marry Lauren grandfather so very long ago. Can you imagine? How proud she must have felt!  I get choked up just thinking about it. It was a sentimental start to a sweet wedding day. Brad and Lauren’s wedding ceremony at the ocean’s edge was beautiful and peaceful.  The weather was perfect.  Family and friends came up from Pennsylvania and throughout New England to watch the two marry in Maine. Congrats to you both, Brad and Lauren. I am so very happy for you!

For more pictures of this Maine wedding event:

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Maine wedding photography by Blush Imagery with Beth Fitzgerald with second shooter Kyle

Invitations/ Programs The Blue Envelope
Gown by Grandmother’s vintage gown
Bridesmaid Dress By Butter by Nadia
Hair by bride
Makeup by bride
Ceremony Venue Newagen Seaside Inn
Reception Venue Newagen Seaside Inn
Event Planner / Coordinator  (the fabulous) Jason and Jessica of Newagen Seaside Inn
Florist Boothbay Region Greenhouses
Officiant Mark Battista
Catering by Newagen Seaside Inn
Sweets by Dolce Vivian
Favors created by bride and groom


What they said: Jessica and Michael

Beth, Wanted to tell you that our album came in on Friday and is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! We LOVE it! You did such a wonderful job!

We cannot say thank you enough for all that you did for us for the wedding… we couldn’t imagine having had it any other way than with you. You will continue to make the memories last through your beautiful pictures!
Thank you so much! Jessica (& Michael too) xoxoxo

The Portland Club: Eileen and Walter

Eileen and Walter married on a blustery, rainy Maine Saturday this June. Luckily, Eileen and Walter were not phased by the nasty weather! Surrounded by their closest family and friends, the couple soaked up their day with grace — and with smiles from ear to ear.  You may remember Eileen and Walter form their earlier Maine engagement session with me. Some how, their Catholic wedding day was as easy-going and as enjoyable as their 1.5 hour engagement shoot. I really adore this couple. Take a look at the small, lovely Maine wedding details laced throughout this wedding. Eileen and her mother did a wonderful job planning together. Congrats to you and and your families Eileen and Walter… it was a great start to a lifetime together! (So hard to choose just a few pics for the blog guys.. great wedding!)

And hats off to the many Maine wedding vendors who put this day together. The food and coordination was exceptional. And to Maine wedding band Wavelength… a dynamite, fabulous music and party for a fabulous couple.

In Eileen’s words: Walter and I met in March 2006 on Vieques, a tiny island off of Puerto Rico. Walter was living and working in San Juan, Puerto Rico while I was on vacation with five of my best girlfriends. For a day trip us girls traveled to the neighboring island of Vieques and had spent most of the day on beautiful Sun Bay. My curiosity to explore the beach across the jetty brought us over to Esperanza Beach where we stumbled upon Walter and his friend Chris, also on a day trip. Walter and I hit it off right away, talking and laughing. We come to find out the condo we were renting happened to be across the street from where Walter and Chris lived in San Juan. They became our personal tour guides and showed us around the best bars and restaurants for the rest of our stay. At the end of the week I returned to Illinois and Walter stayed in Puerto Rico. Text messages, emails, and phone calls later we both started to realize that the feelings we had for each were very real. I returned to Puerto Rico several months later in August 2006 and that was the icing on the cake. We decided we were going to make this long distance relationship work, at least until I was finished with college. I traveled to Puerto Rico on my long weekends and Walter made it back to the US whenever possible. Being apart was less than ideal but looking back, that is what made us become so close. We were two strangers on a beautiful beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico that crossed paths entirely by chance. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We are each other’s best friend and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

For more pictures of this Maine wedding event:

To request a wedding album of this event.



Maine wedding photography by Blush Imagery with Beth Fitzgerald with second shooter Audra

Invitations/ Programs: Wedding Paper Divas
Gown by Kathy Ireland by 2be-Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress By Ann Taylor
Hair Fabu Salon
Makeup by Fabu Salon

Ceremony Venue St. Joseph Church
Reception Venue The Portland Club
Event Planner / Coordinator Amy Collins with The Black Tie Company
Florist Emily Carter Floral Designs
Officiant Rev. Robert Regan
Cake by The Black Tie Company
Catering by The Black Tie Company
Maine wedding band Wavelength
Groom’s Cufflinks: Chart Metalworks  








Portland Studio / Office Space Available

My daughter Maggie, 5, starts kindergarten at St. Brigid’s in Portland this Fall. Our family is headed into yet another chapter. I’ve been a working mom doing about 50+ hours a week for the past 5 years. And I have been working out of the house for most of this time. First, I worked at my smaller Falmouth office (OMG, remember us over there… so long ago!) and, for the last 3+ years, from our gorgeous office and studio in downtown Portland.

But now, Maggie will be coming home every day at 2 pm so my hours will be dramatically different— starting earlier and ending earlier for her. It is time to adjust the setup.

Brian’s business, Fitzgerald Photo, has grown a ton and is he is so, so ready to be out in his own space. We’re very proud of that!  (He has been over flowing into my areas of the studio for some time now with gear and lights.) So he is moving on up into a space of his own…. TBD… we’ll keep you posted where he lands but we DO know, it will be in the downtown Portland area for his corporate clients.

I have adjusted my business down to 1. my wedding work and 2. my work with Maine Wedding Company. I am just on-location or virtually needed now. So I am headed to our home office to be the anchor for Maggie there! I will keep just a small part of Brian’s new space just to meet clients.

We hate leaving this space. It has been amazing…. the parties, classes, photographers in and out, staffers, gin and tonic Fridays, Portland Pie, great landlords, working downtown….  and being so close to our great friends and MWC partners at Might & Main.The studio has been the apple of our eye and made such a great lifestyle for us!

But a family does what a family needs to do.

If anyone is looking for fabulous creative suite with private bathroom in the downtown area… it’s open now. If you are interested talk to our fabulous commercial relator! He handles the space for Portland Pie Company – our landlords!

Loren Ayer
Associate Broker
Harborview Properties
P: 207.321.3617

We’ll keep you posted as we land. It may be awhile or it may be later when Maggie starts school this Fall. If you are a photographer who wants a great downtown space, I can tell you it gets no better than this!





Vendors: Get a Maine Wedding App icon and link for your brides!

Maine WeddingVENDORS: Be an expert for your your brides!

Add your own Maine Wedding App icon to your blog or website for your brides! Simply, copy and paste the following embed code:

<a href=”″ target=”_self”><img alt=”Maine Wedding” src=”” style=”width: 150px; height: 220px;” /></a>

It will make this cute icon appear and links them right into iTunes to download the app on their iPhone or iPad.



MWC Member Master Class: SEO 101

Members of the Maine Wedding Company can attend free classes aimed at making their business life better.  MWC  puts on a vendor program almost every month. Last night Milly Welsh, a local SEO expert and owner of Zebralove Web Solutions, spoke to a MWC member class about search engine optimization. The Maine wedding industry tends to be pretty competitive and knowing how to get ranked higher on search engines, like Google, is important.  Last night, Milly came armed with handouts, tips, and great energy for the SEO class. Her natural conversation style and enthusiasm for the subject was awesome. SEO can be confusing, but Milly was able to break down for everyone. Members learned a ton! MWC  limits class size for programs that are heavy in info, like the SEO class, so members can ask questions specific to their own business. MWC also provided each member a 15-page report on their own website that offered insight to how they can improve their reach online.

If you missed, we will ask Milly to speak again after the wedding season. If you’d like to join Maine Wedding Company, info can be found at:

Thanks for attending! MWC members (left to right, by business name):

Media Northeast, Wavelength Band, Dodge The Florist, Meg Simone Films, C.A.Smith Photography, Kivalo Photography, Brea McDonald Photography, Maine Limousine and Jane Berger Photography


Maine wedding

Getting involved! Maine PUG wrap up

maine wedding photographers

PUG group 2012

I hosted the Maine PUG (Pictage User Group) here at the studio for March. It was really well attended, a great program and fun networking for all. It was a magical night for me and the studio was such a nice turnout. My program was “Competing in a Competitive Market” and obviously from the crowded photo above … we have a lot of photographers in Maine and the nearby New England who care about this topic.

The lowdown…. I started planning the ”Competing in a Competitive Market” program a month ahead when asked to host by Geneve of Geneve Hoffman Photography – the current PUG leader.  I got really rev’d up. I love speaking on the business of photography so I was on a super nerd high with it … but after two weeks of brainstorming, I hit a wall. I knew what I wanted to say, but  PUG is a mix of beginning and veteran photogs. Was my insight and the info too easy or too hard? To vague, lofty, out there? I tend to be kind of a touchy/feely type but I  didn’t want to come off like a flake with no real ideas.  I researched and hashed the talk out over 4 weeks —grabbing nuggets of info, inspiration along the way. I added the visuals to my Keynote files just a day before the show. That afternoon of the program, I cut 20 slides out as overkill. It is always good to step away and them slash edit for too much stuff.

At 5:00 pm I realized our recent installation of Lion (an apple OS) caused the projector not to work with the computer. NIIIICE. I Downloaded the Keynote app to my Ipad and ran the presentation with the projector for that. Saved, just in time. By 7 pm… start time… the studio was beyond packed and I was totally overwhelmed by the turnout. I mean, I loved it… but it was overwhelming to stuff our white studio couch and everything else we own just to get more seats. Really? We already have seating for 30 in the studio. So I’m guessing we had like 40-50 people here. That’s a big PUG meeting for Maine.

Thank goodness for white wine and friendly faces. It calmed me down and I didn’t even feel nervous for the program; just humbled by the talent in the room.

We only had one tiny program glitch with the earlier tech issue: this video on failure didn’t play where it was slotted in the program… this is an older favorite of mine on changing your focus on failures. You can check it out… old Nike ad.

It was tight and for time sake, so we had to skip intros. I hate that, but it was the reality and people were really crammed in. Next time guys, we’ll get those name tags! The program focused on business message, the value story told of your own product and your own focus and self – control. Some big ideas… but WOW, people participated and tossed in really helpful comments along the way. Everyone was so involved — even taking notes. People stayed late chatting about the program, some tips given and how to manage their business to-do lists next!

Incidentally, I will be reworking this program for Maine Wedding Company members in June focusing on the entire Maine wedding industry. If you have a group that would  like to see the ”Competing in a Competitive Market” presentation, feel free to contact me.

It is so important to stay social, friendly and helpful to other photographers and wedding industry professionals for so, so many reasons despite the high competition. But mainly, we all want the same things. We all want to live well, see our children stay happy and safe, save for retirement, and live a higher quality of life… oh— and learn some photography along the way.

Join the fun! Join in these groups and watch for their programs:

Maine PUG (all photogs, targets wedding photogs)
Boston PUG (all photogs, targets wedding photogs)
Maine Photographers Coalition (all photogs)
New England ASMP (targets commercial photogs)
Maine PPA (all photogs, targets portrait photogs)
Maine Wedding Company (programs for Maine wedding vendors)

Watch these other sites and blogs for nearby photo workshops, programs:

Inspire Boston (in Boston … typically in March)

People in Maine area who blog about nearby photography programs. Good spots to watch for news, programs.

Blush Imagery (for programs)
Brian Fitzgerald
(for photo lighting, Inspire Portland project)
emilie sommers (for programs)
Michelle Turner (writes photo books, for programs)
Nadra Photography
(for programs)
Russel Caron (for workshops)
PhotoLoveCat  (photo biz blogs, workshop reviews)
Blush Imagery (for programs)

Did I leave someone off? Contact me.

Also, VERY SOON in April by my friend Nadra : (exceptional photographer, fine-art techniques… great advanced level stuff!)




Maine wedding vendors



Competing in a competitive market with dozens of other professional photographers can be maddening for both new and veteran photographers alike. Join us for a motivational talk to review tips, tricks and business basics to book well, stress less and make more! PUG is Tuesday, March 20th at 6pm at Beth Fitzgerald’s downtown Blush Imagery Studio, 28 Maple Street, Suite 302, Portland, Maine. 207-899-5585. Drinks and snacks will be provided. We’ll also touch on the subject of wedding-day photo booths here at the studio as well. Open to all photographers, come to have fun!

Blush Imagery
28 Maple St, Suite 302, Portland, Maine


Ocean Gateway Terminal : Mike and Jessica

Jessica and Mike’s Maine winter wedding was held in Portland Maine in January. It was perfect. It was sunny and surprisingly warm. Friends and family gathered at First Parish Church in Portland, Maine and then continued on to  Ocean Gateway Terminal for a night of good eats, good treats, good friends, and good fun on the dance floor. I should say that Mike and Jessica live in my ‘hood and have been friends for awhile now.  They are a super fun couple who love to laugh and dance. You may recall their engagement session on the blog last year. Brian and I adore them. Luckily for us, their wedding was in the winter and in the off-seaon so we could devote the time and extra attention that they so deserved. I used Brian (my “man” and fellow photographer) as a second shooter. He is a very “big gun” — a very talented photographer and he never shoots weddings for me due to his busy schedule so it was a treat to be covering our friends and working together. There were so many moments in this weeding it was hard to pick the blog, but here are some favorites for preview. The details I here show off the pretty touches of winter and blue wedding details that were laced through the event from the shoes to the lighting. The wedding just felt nice and the party was insane! Jess and Mike- we love you. Please enjoy…. I hope these moments stay with you for a lifetime.
Jessica gets ready with her best friends at her home.
Jessica. Beautiful!Something blue: a special blue label was made and then sewn into  Jess’s gown. How cute is our flower girl here  with her navy bow and blue sprarkle shoes with winter-white tights?
Jessica enters the church with her father, Allan. I love this church… the clock showing the time is a great detail for the bride.This took my breathe away. I cropped it as an aisle line for a bit more drama. See Mike way down there?All smiles!First Parish Church in  Portland, ME.This is probably my favorite picture of the wedding — Jessica looking at Mike during her vows and the girls huddled around. Absolutely gorgeous photo and moment.This was funny… Jessica gets that ring on…And is mighty pleased with herself! Great glance to the guests! The wedding party.Quick kiss before we leave.And it’s off to the Ocean Gateway Terminal for some pictures along the waterfront. Guests signed a winter-white and silver tree for luck. Mike’s family passed down a heirloom wedding band to Jessica.
The dance floor never stopped! It was a party that Mike and Jessica dreamed of…. it was fabulous!Mike, a super-duper-dancer, tends to be well, kind of dramatic, but his friends were happy to sing backup for him. We had so much fun.Hava nagila with chairs in the air! Mazel tov!
Just wanted to show you Gateway’s space. Huge windows to the ocean in the day, and ample space by night. Blue-ish event lighting by Moonlighting.Shots! Oye!

The 10 foot by 10 ft. x 10 ft.  Blush Booth – could barely contain the rowdy crowd!  Great guests make great pics! Thanks for being so fun, guys!

Invitations/ Programs :
Bridesmaid Dress By Bill Levkoff 
 Makeup Dana Anderson for makeup and hair  (both) at Cara and Company
Ceremony Venue First Parish Church Portland, ME
Reception Venue Ocean Gateway Terminal
Venue Host: Shawna
Event Planner / Cordinator Rae Brown
FloristNo Answer Provided
Officiant Stanley Eaton
Music Reception Dave Dionne
Catering CVC Catering
Tent / Rentals One Stop Party Shop
Event Lighting Moonlighting
Photography and photobooth Blush Imagery with Beth and Brian

Newagen Seaside Inn video

I am fortunate to shoot a lot with  Newagen Seaside Inn in Boothbay Harbor. I just love the property and staff  there. It is a gorgeous Maine wedding venue on the water and it is very versatile for photographs. Some our my photos and favorite couples are featured in the resort’s recent best of 2011 video!  Thanks Jason and Jessica! Always great to work with you!

Welcome to 2012 Wedding Season!

Hi everyone! It’s February! And Blush is welcoming our new brides to the 2012 Maine wedding season. This is my 12th year shooting weddings!  I opened my first business (leaving my short-lived but fabulously-fun career as a newspaper photographer behind in Phoenix) at just 24.  I moved with Brian for his career in photojournalism to Washington state. We made the leap across country yet again in 2006 for Brian’s job to our now forever-home, Portland, Maine. We love it here! Blush was born in 2006. Now 35, I’ve shot over 350 weddings.  And I still love the job! Blush ticks along happily with great brides and their awesome families with the help of  my hardworking, Maine wedding vendor friends. It is not a bad life.

We are almost full for 2012, but have  few dates still up for grabs. Contact me at for more info. And we will reserve your 2013 dates now.

For 2012 clients, welcome letters have gone out with agenda and information forms to have done before our agenda meeting together— about a month before your event. We have a great season ahead.Follow along by bookmarking the blog and following us on Facebook: @portlandmaineweddingphotographer.

I shot my first 2012 wedding last Saturday and it was such a great time. (That blog is coming shorty…Jessica and Mike’s gorgeous Portland, Maine winter wedding to look forward to next week!

Maggie is 5!

Brian and I live a small life that moves pretty fast. But the one thing that stops the world for us both is our only baby, Maggie. BUT She is not a baby anymore! Today, she is 5. And tomorrow that means I am 35. SIGH.) How did that happen! She is the BEST thing and obviously we love her very much. Tomorrow, we’ll pack up a minivan to take her for her very first official birthday party with just her little  friends from school. She earned it! She picked out everything herself down to the little paper plates. She is so excited for brownie cupcakes. Her little dress is ready to go– hanging on the back of her desk chair at home. So happy birthday to my baby cub! We love you and are so very proud to be your folks!


Maggie at 2 when we moved into the Portland studio.

Maggie at Gilsland Farm on a hike with Brian…. 6 moths old.

Maggie sick of the holiday party – year # 1 – at 3 years party

holiday party








2011 Year In Review

Happy New Year! Here’s a quick video of some of my favorite pictures and moments of Blush’s 2011 wedding season that I shot.  It was a great season and 2012 is booking with THE most wonderful new families too! I love it! Enjoy guys and thank you for making these images with me! (Keep frame small or images get funky!)

Music by: One Republic, Good Life.

Woodlands Country Club: Arielle and James

What a treat to end my 2011 wedding season with such a lovely couple.  The wedding of Arielle and James was a day to remember.   It was held at the Woodlands Country Club in Falmouth, Maine. With snow on the ground, the two Jewish families became one and it was just perfect. The families blended their Jewish traditions in a beautiful service  outdoors followed by roof-raising celebration that warmed up the soul.  Arielle and James, despite the snow and chill, never stopped smiling once they were together. Adorable, happy couple to photograph! We had a wonderful time Arielle and James. It was a pleasure to share the day with you!

New Year, New You Contest

The Maine Wedding Company is running a contest to win a personal weight loss coach for 12 weeks! Win a complete package from Lisa Prince of to help you feel your best on that wedding day. Anyone can enter— bride, groom, mothers, fathers, wedding participants…. it’s an essay contest. Deadline is Jan. 8th. For full details, the page is:

MWC weight loss contest

You’re Invited! Little Black Dress Party

* For the party Thursday night, food pantries need: Canned vegetables and fruit, Canned meat and tuna, Cereal, pasta and rice, peanut Butter, Juice and beverages


Maine Wedding Company members, all wedding vendor friends, brides, buds, business pals…. you’re all invited to the big holiday party again downtown! If you’ve never been, Brian and I throw a fabulous, fun party to kickoff the holidays, blow off some steam and give thanks for another incredible year. We have so much fun and would love to see all of you! We put a theme to this party… last year was Winter White. This year … drum roll please…it’s Little Black Dress. Obviously, black dress or not, we really just want your company. So come as you are! This is upclass, never uptight—per usual with us! We simply request two cans of food that we will deliver to the food banks. All our welcome. Pass it on and bring friends!

Please RSVP to or facebook event page:


Happy Birthday MWC!

Maine Wedding CompanyMaine Wedding Company has a birthday today!  Wow, three years of planning and one year live today.   Phew!   The year has been amazing and overwhelming. I didn’t think we’d get this much done, frankly.  I am extremely proud of the website and our growth.  Today, here is a brief State of the Union for the Maine Wedding Company.

Vendor Growth:

Our members are now over 67 strong, filling all our wedding categories.

Members have contributed an amazing 1,144 blog posts about Maine weddings — hundreds of  posts of true Maine wedding stories.

72 expert articles were released this year from MWC writers and members.

The MWC has over 7, 760 pieces of  indexed web content for the Maine wedding industry including expert articles, photos, quick tips and vendor profiles. (Blogs are not indexed content.)


2011 Benchmarks: 

MWC successfully completes BETA testing

MWC adds SEO team to position website and starts ad campaigns

MWC moves from page 26 to page 1 on Google for search term Maine wedding

MWC moves from page 36 to page 1 on Google for search term Maine wedding venue

MWC installs a lead generator to help MWC vendors receive better couple leads

MWC produces new advertiser’s kit 

MWC contracts first sales manager

Major MWC release will be announced at The MWC Little Black Dress Holiday Party on Dec. 1 and you’re invited!

User web stats: (Google – Nov. 22, 2011 – Nov. 22, 2011)
24,144 Visitors
78,572 Pageviews
3.71 Pages/Visit
3:41 Avg. Time on Site

Searches by cities:
 1. Portland 2. New York 3. Boston

Loyalty66.90% New Visitor and 33.10% Returning Visitors

Not bad kids!  This incredibly complex project has gone really well. To the folks that have been a part of this over the past three years : mainly Arielle and Kevin — with Sean, Graeme, Morgan, Milly, Lindsay, Neil, Steph, Ayla, Abbey, Scott, Bill, Greg, Maudie, and to Maggie and Brian but mostly — to our MWC original vendor testers and our valuable, talented MWC members who have made this all possible. THANK YOU!
Still, there is no rest.  There is too much more to do.   2012 goals will target user traffic and editorial content.  Our expectations are high but we’re up to the challenge.  Luckily our 20-year plan is outlined to keep us busy.  Internet and technology industries change daily and there’s no shortage of great ideas.  Above it all, we are committed to making Maine’s wedding industry thrive online.  So with that said … on to another year!

Bar Harbor Club: Eben and Denise

Congrats to new friends Eben and Denise! Bar Harbor Club is one of my  favorite Maine wedding venues. I work with the team there a lot. When the staff asked me to photograph one of their own, I jumped in! Eben and his fun, fabulous bride Denise had a fun, crazy wedding that was well-deserved and a long-time coming.  It was great to be part of the day. Congrats to my friend Deb for pulling off such a super duper wedding for one of your own company men! Here’s a few fun ones …


Camden Harbour Inn: Ying and Chieu

This is a great wedding! Ying and Chieu combined their traditional Chinese values and their love of Maine for a festive, family wedding that was everyone enjoyed. Take a look at these images and notice some fabulous Chinese traditions including the use of red in all the decor for happiness, loyalty and passion, the gold paper cranes hanging over the couple’s ceremony for luck, and the tradition of gift-giving during a tea ceremony by family. It was an honor to work for this family! I wish Ying and Chieu all the very best!

Laudholm Farm, Wells, ME: Katy and Ryan

Katy and Ryan had a large family event at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine. This gorgeous destination Maine wedding was produced by the couple with the talented Melanie Voros of Blissful Beginnings — wedding and event planning. It was a spectacular show tailored to Ryan and Katy’s love for nature, the outdoors and rustic style. The service was traditional and sweet.  The reception was relaxing. Wooden chairs, burlap-lined table, colorful fall flowers clothes pins and pictures, clever chalkboards and more brought a real rustic quality to  this high-end event. To boot, you should know Ryan is a gentleman through and through. And Katy is stylish, strong and warm. They have a very genuine love for each other and were a blast to work with. This wedding was a great, grand gathering for their friends and family! Love these images! Great job to all!

Photo by : Beth Fitzgerald of Blush Imagery with second shooter, Steph
Planning and Coordination – Melanie, Blissful Beginnings
Catering: Blue Elephant
Venue: Laudholm Farms Wells, Maine
Tent and rentals- Special Events of New England
Flowers- Floraventures
Band- Lisa Love Experience

Stage Neck Inn: Deirde and Pierre

(I love this couple! Wonderful people, with hearts of gold! Congrats guys on fabulous event at Stage neck Inn, in York, Maine!)

In Deirdre’s words:  Popping the question… December 18, 2010

Pierre and I had plans to attend a Christmas dinner at Mount Vernon in Virginia. We had a great time at dinner and all seemed normal to me. There was a group tour of the actual Mount Vernon estate after dinner. There was a bit of a walk up to the house and our tour guide kept saying, “It was a Christmas to remember.” I didn’t think much of it and Pierre thought he knew what he was about to do. After we stopped in the first room and listened to the tour guide talk some more, we walked out to the back porch which overlooks the Potomac River. It was a beautiful view with the moon out, snow on the ground so we stopped to enjoy it for a moment. The rest of the group had walked back in the house and when I turned around, Pierre was on his knee with something sparkly in his hand! Once I realized he was asking me to marry him, I said, “YES!” And, it definitely was a Christmas to remember!




Deirdre Dubuc - Beth, these pictures are amazing!! Thank you for capturing our special moments throughout our wedding day! We will have these memories forever!November 9, 2011 – 6:56 pm

diane harris - Beth, You did a fabulous job on the pictures. You are such a warm/friendly person and caught all the special moments. Also you did all that in a non-intrusive way Thank you so much.

Beth: What great photographs. You did a superb job, very artistic and professional. I loved every one of the images.

JohnNovember 9, 2011 – 6:15 pm

Ducktrap Retreat: Camille and Adrian

Camille and Adrian met over six years ago when Camille went out with her sister, Lauren, to meet some of Lauren’s co-workers. Lauren had been trying to introduce Camille to Adrian for several months, but Camille, a Yankee fan, refused to meet him because Lauren let it slip Adrian was a Red Sox fan. They hit it off immediately and began dating that night.

Six and a half years later, Camille and Adrian share a small apartment in New York City’s Greenwich Village, have joint custody of the world’s cutest dog, Logan, and still fight over which baseball team is best. Shortly before Christmas, 2010, Adrian called Camille out into the living room to help because the dog seemed to be choking on something. It turned out he was chewing on a milk bone while Adrian, down on one knee, pretended to pull a ring away from Logan.

Camille and Adrian love traveling, the theater, dancing, and Maine, so we are trying to combine all of these into our wedding. They discovered Maine about three years ago, when they needed to get away during a difficult time in their lives, and fell in love with the village of Camden. Their wedding was casual, because what they love most is getting together with our friends and loved ones and having a good time. Their official motto for the wedding is “good food, good friends, good fun.”

Maine Elopement at the Stage Neck Inn: Stacey & Greg

Stacey and Greg eloped from Michigan to marry at the Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine. The day was stormy but the rain held and the skies were this gorgeous gray. How romantic! I was a witness on the marriage certificate and that was a super cool honor. After the short, sweet ceremony, we went around York for some pictures. Congratulations guys! It was so, so good to meet you! When you are in Maine for your next anniversary, drinks are on me!




Kawahnee Inn of Weld, Maine: Anne and Tyler

Anne and Tyler’s wedding at the Kawahnee Inn in Weld, Maine was an intense ride. Both Tyler and Anne are fun, super energetic, and might I add, pretty darn attractive people! Their friends are rowdy. Their families are supportive. It was one of those perfect days that no one would dare forget. The weather was perfect. The light was fabulous. And though the day was long, the party was so wild no one really noticed! We had a ridiculous amount of fun on this wedding and I have to say I love their photos. Here’s a few for you….


Maine wedding photographer: Beth of Blush Imagery / Second shooter: Stepheney also of Blush

Ceremony Venue: Kawahnee Inn in Weld, Maine
Reception Venue: Kawahnee Inn in Weld, Maine
Catering: Kawahnee Inn in Weld, Maine

Mooring B&B in Georgetown: Annie and Joe

In Annie’s words: Joe and I met at work in Boston about 5 years ago. I had started working a few months before he joined the office in a group next to mine. Joe was really good friends with a guy in my group who he had gone to college with back in PA – it was a big coincidence that they ended up in the same office on the same floor; the company had 30,000 employees! This other guy, Mike, introduced me to Joe and the three of us used to go to lunch frequently. That’s how Joe and I got to know each other. Funny enough, Mike is going to be Joe’s best man at the wedding. Eventually Mike left the company, and it was just Joe and I on lunch dates. We were friends for about 2 years before we started dating.
Once we started dating we didn’t tell anyone in the office. After about a year Joe left for another position within the company, and then a few months later I left to go to grad school for my MBA. We managed to keep the secret for 1.5 years!

Joe proposed a few days before I moved to upstate NY for school, so we’ve had a long engagement. We wanted to wait to get married until we could live in the same place, and until we were both finished with school. Joe went back to school as well, so we’re both full time students.

As for us… we like to have fun together. We both love to cook, sail and have fun with friends. I’m re-learning how to ski with him because he’s a big skier, and he’s started to scuba dive because that’s a big hobby of mine. We definitely subscribe to “work hard, party hard” and take work/school seriously, but love to kick back with friends. My family has a summer house on Malden Island, which is part of Five Islands, up where we are getting married. We like to get up there on the weekends in the summers for some fun, sun, boating and relaxing.

Maine wedding photographer: Beth of Blush Imagery

Gown by:
Ceremony Venue: Mooring B&B
Reception Venue: Mooring B&B
Catering: Mooring B&B

Bar Harbor Regency Stone House: Michelle and Jonathan

In Michelle’s words: Jonathan proposed at the Newburyport Range Lighthouse on our 5th year anniversary. This was a complete surprise as I thought we were going to his uncle’s house in Portsmouth. We were in North Conway earlier that Memorial Day weekend and we were supposed to head to Portsmouth for the second part of our trip. Little did I know he had major plans up his sleeve! Instead of going to Portsmouth we went to Plum Island and stayed at a beautiful Inn called Blue. He told me he wanted to take me to an antique shop near Portsmouth. I was excited to visit this shop. But all along he was surprising me with a stay at Blue! Later that night he told me he booked us a dinner reservation. When I asked where he wouldn’t tell me and said to dress casual and to wear comfortable shoes. I was intrigued. Right before we headed out to Newburyport he told me we were going to the Lighthouse for dinner. I had seen this mentioned on the Phantom Gourmet many times and have always wanted to go. There couldn’t be a more romantic spot. A waiter brought us our meals from one of the nearby restaurants. He went up and down the ladder several times to take our order, bring us our meals and dessert and to check in. It’s a tiny spot with just enough space for the two of us but the view is spectacular! There were candles, music, light dimmer, and CDs. We spent most of our time gazing at the view from inside and outside the lighthouse. We took about 200 pictures. After dinner, the sun began to set. Our stomachs were full of delicious food, the night was warm with a nice breeze, we had a few cocktails in us and we were having the best night ever. What could make it better? Dessert? No! How about a proposal?! Jonathan grabbed my hand, told me how much he loved me and then dropped down to one knee and popped the question! I cried, said yes and didn’t even look at the ring. He had to remind me to look at it! Nobody can believe I had no idea any of this was even happening. Jonathan has always been a romantic guy so I didn’t think any of his antics were out of the ordinary! Whenever I tell the story people think I am crazy for not knowing. It’s true. I had no idea he was going to propose. Now you know why lighthouses are the theme of our wedding!

Credits by:

Photos by Beth Fitzgerald Blush Imagery / second shooting by Steph Collins for Blush Imagery

Invitations/ Programs Paper Source
Gown by Casablanca
Bridesmaid Dress By ML Monique Lhuillier
Hair Bar Harbor Club Spa
Makeup Bar Harbor Club Spa
Ceremony Venue Regency Stone House in Bar Harbor
Reception Venue Regency Stone House in Bar Harbor
Event Planner / Coordinator Deb Jordan and her assistant Megan
Florist Cottage Flowers
Officiant Nicole Herz
Music Ceremony Dwight Phetteplace
Music Reception Dan Giroux
Catering Bar Harbor Regency
Cake Bar Harbor Regency – Molly
Favors Michelle-DIY
Honeymoon California coast

Peaks Island: Reeve and Nick

Reeve and Nick were married at the 5th of Maine Museum on Peaks Island, Maine. This is one of my favorite intimate venues for a wedding in Maine. Reeve and Nick have two children together and busy, busy lives. But life slowed down, just for a few hours, to celebrate their marriage together on a gorgeous September day. Man, it was perfect weather! They had a spectacular garden ceremony and a family-style lobster bake on the porch. Line dancing and games brought children and families onto the dance floor and friends stayed late to dance. Reeve and Nick spent time on a few lovely wedding details but kept the rest of the day comfortable and relaxed. It was one of the most enjoyable events I have ever attended. It was so much fun!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from their day… I love this picture… Reeve just found out that Nick has been wearing the wrong pants for the entire wedding day. He forgot his suit pants back on the main land. Reeve just laughed. That’s all you need in life really— someone who thinks that you’re special enough to marry on an island, fabulous enough to have beautiful children with and awesome enough to laugh at you when you wear the wrong pants. All my love guys and thanks for the amazing day! 

Stephanie - This was everything a wedding should be and so much more – an amazing group of delightful friends and family, and the children seemed under a spell of good behavior and joyful laughter well into the evening. Well done! Gorgeous photos, Beth.October 17, 2011 – 6:22 pm

Heather Strong - What a beautiful day it was.October 15, 2011 – 11:46 pm

bill fischer - very nice to remember, as i often do but not so acutely, the sounds and sights and smells and feel and tastes of the day – thank youOctober 12, 2011 – 3:23 pm

The Colony, Kennebunkport, ME: Anna and Chad

Anna and Chad are a great couple! Really— the sweetest people with the sweetest families. Beautiful inside and out, these sweethearts were married at The Colony in Kennebunkport, Maine. Many of their wedding guests came from three places where I lived once myself – Arizona, New Orleans and Virginia. I had a blast chatting with everyone involved. Anna and I connected instantly because we both own pugs!  In fact, Chad and Anna rescue pugs! AND, they put it in their wedding vows to always rescue pugs! OMG, I love them. Their wedding images are gorgeous and, other than some concern for their traveling friends, Chad and Anna didn’t even seem to mind the looming hurricane on their wedding day. Enjoy Anna and Chad!


Maine wedding photographer: Beth of Blush Imagery / Second shooter: Stepheney also of Blush

Wedding Coordinator: Diane York Weddings

Gown by:
Ceremony Venue: The Colony Kennebunkport, ME
Reception Venue: The Colony Kennebunkport, ME
Catering: The Colony Kennebunkport, ME


Mary Jo - SO, SO, SO gorgeous!!! Joy unspeakable! Congratulations- what a beautiful start to a beautiful life together! Love you!!October 11, 2011 – 10:54 pm

Meet 2012: Mike and Jessica engaged in Portland

OMG! Mike and Jessica are fabulous, fun together. I met Mike through my hubby Brian… they were in a business networking group together. After spending a just small amount a time with him, I knew drinks and mayhem were in our future. To boot, he was our neighbor and lived down the block with his fiance. Enter Jessica—  who I really met when she hired me. Love Jessica. Hysterical, gorgeous, very real and the best thing for Mike. They are a perfect odd couple! We laughed all over Portland together during this engagement session. We ended up at drinks and dinner at Havana South in Old Port. Can’t wait for their 2012 wedding! Dudes, when are you guys coming over to mi casa?  Jessica, sangria?



Lakewood Inn: Anja and Nathan

This wedding was wild fun. Anja called me up just 4 weeks before her day and told me their story. Nathan is from Northern Maine. He is an artist. She is German and is in marketing. Together they lived in Australia but recently moved back to Maine to live happily ever after. They decided to get married at Lakewood Inn Restaurant, Madison, ME in boats– literally in boats– off a dock. I happened to have the day open so luckily I was able to be there! Really, she had me at, “Nathan bought his tux off ebay for $50.”

Musicians waded in the water and guests lined the dock in kayaks and canoes.
I nearly fell off the dock when I saw Nathan standing in his powder blue tux in this boat. Hysterical.
Anja and her father, Guenter, make it down the aisle in a canoe.The service was performed by Nathan’s uncle.The ring exchange.
The kiss!Before the couple can set sail, Anja’s father Guenter, a German fisherman, catches a fish for them! He was so proud and waved it here and there yelling, “Gutner catch fish! Gutner catch fish!”Nathan takes his bride to shore.And he carries her away… (I’m telling you, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to!)Some DIY details by the couple …Nathan and Anja admitted that gathering their own wildflowers was hard work and took forever. Love the look though! Rings.First dance with bubbles.Sweet image of Nathan and his Mom dancing together.Shots of shots! I love this pic.Thanks for a fabulous opportunity to capture a very unique, fabulous-fun wedding guys! All my love, Beth :)


Photos by Blush Imagery, Beth
Ceremony Venue Lakewood Inn Restaurant, Madison, ME
Reception Venue Lakewood Inn Restaurant, Madison, MEFlowers wildflowers
Grooms attire ebay

Newagan Seaside Inn: Lillee and Shawn

Lillee and Shawn are getting married in about 15 hours. Really! I’m actually not their wedding photographer (Lillee’s best pal from Colorado is a great photographer who is working with them! FUN!) But the couple decided to do a last-minute Tuesday night bridal session to take off some of the day-of pressure for portraits. Shawn frankly hates pictures. Shawn and Lillee together are so funny– it’s hard to capture anyone seriously. I loved this couple! Hysterical! Here’s a sneak peek! Mojito cheers to you both, all my love and HAPPY WEDDING DAY!


Bar Harbor Club: Amanda and Ryan

Ryan is a character who is hard to describe. With his red hair and stunning blue eyes, he is visually striking, sure. But he is also very passionate. Throughout the year, we talked and planned as groom and photographer. Ryan had a vision for his wedding and nothing stopped him. I’ve never met a groom so determined to create a perfect event. He had one goal: Make it perfect for his Amanda— his best friend for over 11 years and childhood sweetheart. And he did it. The day was elegant and amazing — a word I do not use lightly. When I met his Amanda, I quickly understood what all his fuss was about. Why not spend a year of wedding planning plus a lifetime more making the world perfect for this extraordinary woman? I will let the pictures speak for themselves. This wedding was a complete privilege to photograph. Thanks to my Steph for her second shooting skills, to Deb and Bar Harbor Club for their fabulous venue and staff. And to Amanda and Ryan, for letting me have these moments with you both!Credits:

Couple honeymooning in: Hawaii
Event coordinator: Deb Jordan for Bar Harbor Club
Florist: Chelcey Dunham
Catering: Bar Harbor Club

Cancelled for Weather! Maine Wedding Company Vendor BBQ

Update: Maine Wedding Company
With T-storms all tonight and a 90 percent chance of storms tomorrow until late afternoon, we have to cancel the MWC picnic planned for Monday. With regret guys, Beth :(

Maine Wedding Company is hosting a family BBQ Monday August 22 at Ft. Williams State Park! All wedding vendors who serve Maine are welcome. Members will receive invites this week via mail. Any other vendor can RSVP by August 19 online by or at the Facebook event page ….!/event.php?eid=256828451011615

Invitations by : Papier Gourmet


Newagen Seaside Inn: Tiffany and Sean

Their story:

She was 12, he was 11. They had known each other since they were 6, but this was the year they started being interested in each other. He was funny and cute and sporty; she was flirty, energetic and fun. On and off for years they were “going out” or not “going out” but always remaining friends. In their small town in coastal Maine, they danced at middle school dances, rode their bikes to each others’ houses, talked on the phone for hours, and held hands at the beach. Then their lives took different paths, both of them attending different private schools and then colleges. She lived out west, he in Connecticut. During 2008 they both found themselves back in their hometown, both looking to start over. The night before Thanksgiving at the local bar, they found each other again. Although surrounded by old classmates and people from the past, all they saw was each other. It just made sense.

Love these bride hangers. Cute for Tiffany’s dress!The lovely Tiffany.Her bouquet.Tiffany’s father gives her a last look before walking her down the aisle.Sunny, beautiful day for the couple!Tiffany’s parents held hands during the ceremony.Their rings.Married!Tiffany is the most charismatic bride I have ever met! Getting down the hill for portraits was even fun with her! Love you Tiffany!Sean and Tiffany.On bikes! I like the small shadow behind them.Centerpieces and table numbers.Maid of honor gave a heartfelt toast.The couple at sunset in Boothbay Harbor.Sean and Tiffany dance together.Tiffany and her father dance. Tiffany’s dress was perfect for spinning — and she loves to spin!Jerry Bazata, DJ Jaz Music brought out a very cool light show for the couple. It totally changes the atmosphere of the room into a night club! Really fun!Sean and Tiffany had a full dance floor all night.


Music Ceremony + Reception Jerry Bazata, DJ Jaz Music

Ceremony + Reception Venue  + Catering, Newagen Seaside Inn

Cake, Bread and Roses Bakery

Photography + Photo Booth, Blush Imagery

Honeymoon, Dominican Republic

Jeremy - Great photos! love your style, looking forward to seeing more of your work.August 17, 2011 – 7:34 pm

Colby College: Brianna and Mike

About us: 

Mike and Brianna both graduated from Colby College (Mike in 2005, Brianna in 2007). While at Colby they ran Cross Country and Track and Field. This is how they met – competing as part of the same team for Colby and eventually through all the time running together, travelling to meets, and having fun at Colby, they fell in love. Over the next few years Brianna and Mike lived in different places. Mike moved to Ithaca, NY in Fall 2005 to start his PhD in Environmental Engineering. While at Cornell Mike also ran and was elected to be Student Trustee for Cornell. Meanwhile, Brianna spent Fall 2005 abroad at University of St. Andrews. At the end of the term, Mike came over to visit and together they traveled to Dublin and Galway Ireland, Paris and London. Brianna spent two years working for an economic consulting company in Washington, DC following graduation. Mike would visit often and together they explored the museums and monuments in the capitol. In Fall 2009 Brianna moved to Ithaca to start her MBA at Cornell University and happily to be close to Mike too. Brianna and Mike both enjoyed pursuing graduate studies together. It is at Cornell that Mike proposed. Mike’s birthday is in mid-April and Brianna took him out to the best steak dinner restaurant in town. Both had never been to that particular fancy restaurant before, so it was a treat for both of them. They had the evening to themselves as they had celebrated Mike’s birthday with his friends the night before. After dinner they decided to take a stroll around the scenic and historical Arts Quad at Cornell. They walked hand in hand and arm in arm through the silent quad which was nearly deserted as it had just finished raining. As they arrived at the top of the Libe Slope just at the base of the notable McGraw clocktower, Mike spun Brianna around, dropped to his knee and proposed. Mike had been waiting nervously for this moment for several months. Brianna was surprised and delighted and immediately and repeatedly said yes. It was a lovely moment. Both Brianna and Mike are passionate about learning and it is thus fitting that both Colby College and Cornell University should hold special places in their union not only because they both spent time at those schools learning together, but also because they were engaged at Cornell and married at Colby.

Brianna’s dress hangs as she plays with her veil before getting ready for the day.

Brianna puts on her shoes at the Colby Chapel.Last touches. I loved this simple silhouette of her.If you haven’t been to Colby’s Chapel… it’s gorgeous!Mike peers out at the guests as the Rev. comes in to start the ceremony!Mike gets a first look at Brianna!

Brianna and her father walk down the aisle with family watching.Seated during the hour-long service, Mike and Brianna sneak a look at each other.Love this photo of Brianna’s mom fighting tears and joy.
(Their families reminded me so much of my own… I could cry right now!) Brianna and Mike tie the knot.And then, they really tied the knot— in honor of their love and their love of playing tug-of-war in church! Just kidding. It was for their new love of sailing together through life.Married!We took  gorgeous photos all over the Colby campus.Mike dips Brianna after their first dance! They held the reception at the student union… which was wonderful! And the food put on by the Colby campus caterer was fantastic! Love how the guests sat in a theater-like environment.Love this image of Mike swirling little Brianna around. They are a great match in every way! This was their last dance and it was fantastic!Just a fun shot to close with of Mike and Brianna walking though the woods at Colby.
I had a great time with Brianna and Mike and their families! Thank you guys for letting me take part in your day!


Maine wedding photographer: Beth of Blush Imagery
Gown by: David’s Bridal
Hair:  Apollo Day Spa
Makeup:  Apollo Day Spa
Ceremony Venue: Lorimer Chapel, Colby College
Reception Venue: Page Commons, Colby College
Officiant: Kendra Ford and Terry O’Dell
Catering: Colby College
Cake: The Bakery of Skowhegan Maine

Inn by the Sea: Jen & Cliff

Jen and Cliff were married at the gorgeous Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on Crescent Beach in July. It was a beautiful, intimate Maine summer wedding with only their closest friends and families. The couple have been together 11+ years— high school sweethearts. I started the day with Jen and her two sisters and friends getting ready. We set up a sweet meeting for Cliff to see her for the first time. Tears fell. The couple decided to do portraits on the beach before the service which worked out wonderfully because it was a tad hot. We had a great time but were able to get back and grab water before the service started. The service was short and sweet with memorable vows. Cliff looked at Jen with confidence. Jen seemed to forget the pressures of the day with Cliff’s hands in hers. They are a great couple with amazing families. Guests took a long cocktail hour and sauntered to the beach with wine in hand. Dinner was served and dancing began. Dancing was crazy fun! The night ended at an early 8 pm but guests headed to the Maine’s Old Port for drinks at Havannah South. I went too— and had a ridiculously good time! Take a look at this wonderful Maine wedding:

Cliff and Jen at Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on Crescent Beach.

Jen’s dress.Jen’s bouquet.Cliff. (Such a sweet guy!)Cliff holds Jen tightly when he sees her for the first time. Very romantic moment!Gorgeous Jen on the beach.Jen and Cliff’s service was sweet and simple with just their closest family and friends gathered.Married! Cliff stops to get a high bro-shake.Sweet lobster seating cards for their guests.Jen and Cliff crash into their reception also held at Inn by the Sea.I loved this moment. Jen’s sisters watch Jen dance with their father, Paul.The cake.Their rings on a starfish.The groom’s coat and bride’s veil forgotten for dancing!There was dancing, and then there was this …. Cliff’s dad, Steve, is a gentle giant who does some funny stuff. Jen and Cliff were elated that his pants stayed on at least. I think that’s a win, win.Guest got a snack to go for more fun in the  Old Port.In the end, the sweet hearts finally tied the knot, their way— and I was happy to be there! Congrats to Jen and Cliff! All my love! Beth


Photography by Beth of Blush Imagery
Venue Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth
Catering Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth

Cliff and Jen Bassett - Thank you Beth for the amazing photos!!!! You captured how much fun we had on our special day. We are already sharing these with our families and friends. We will talk soon. =)July 26, 2011 – 9:26 pm

Fox Field Farms: Sarah and Brian

A sparkler exit send off for Sarah and Brian ended a perfect wedding day at Fox Field Farms in Bar Harbor, Maine.

How they met, by Sarah:

We are both fun-loving, love to laugh type of people – Brian’s corny jokes get me every time and my dry sense of humor entertains him for hours. We met at a 4th of July cookout at Washington Park in Denver thrown by our friends Sarah and Garrett. Brian fell instantly in love and it took Sarah about a month to feel the same way.

I am a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan, and Brian went to the University of Colorado. Big 12 and SEC schools rarely play each other, but it just so happened that last October, Georgia would travel to Boulder to play CU at Folsom Field. It was a Thursday night, and all of my college friends were flying in the next day for the game weekend. Little did I know, Brian had rented the rooftop deck at a fabulous restaurant in Denver called Vita. We ate dinner on this unassuming Thursday night and then he asked if I would have a drink with him on the rooftop. Not even noticing we were the only people on the rooftop, Brian sat me down and started telling me how much he loved me and that he always knew that today would be the day that he would propose – the Georgia football weekend. My mouth dropped open and he dropped to one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so shocked and humbled and amazed that it took me about 15 minutes to even look at my ring.

Our friends and family were all next door waiting on the proposal answer and as soon as I said yes, they came over to celebrate with us for the rest of the night. It was the best day of my life.

Sarah getting ready in the afternoon in the hotel. Her dress was gorgeous and the back was tied elegantly.

Sarah is a classic beauty with gorgeous eyes.
For Sarah, getting ready for a wedding is a celebrated, sentimental time with mothers and girlfriends.
Apparently for Brian’s groomsmen, it meant arm wrestling to determine their lineup order in the wedding. (Great shot by Steph here!)The guys dressed eventually and the lineup was decided by brute strength.The guests gathered outside despite the sprinkles of rain.Notice the order of our guys! Here come the arm wrestling champs first!Sarah’s blusher created a dramatic, romantic moment.Brian and Sarah looking at each other in the ceremony. Sweet couple.

A gray, gorgeous mist covered Bar Harbor.
Sarah places a ring on Brian’s hand. (The ring on Sarah’s hand here is a family heirloom piece and her something blue. It was so pretty.)

Sarah can’t help but to scream and laugh as they are pronounced husband and wife!

Married! Love Brian’s smile!Brian’s brother teases him about his new jewelry!
(I’ve been trying to get this photo with this “brothers razzing each other” for years guys! Love it!)The wedding party in the rain near the Harbor. The girls wore gorgeous dresses in multiple lengths! Stunning party and attire.
Their rings in a signature W for Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wade.Brian dances with his mom and Sarah with her dad under a romantic tent.Blush Booth, what is it about you that makes people go nuts? Who knows, but we love it!
Some guy being bold.Some guy being too bold.Party people! Sarah and Brian are in the far left, top corner. Seriously, the photobooth was crazy. You need to see all the shots to truly understand!
Sarah and Brian! We had a great time! Thank you so much! Let’s get married again! Love, Beth & Steph


Maine photography by Blush Imagery, Beth with second photographer Steph

Invitations / Programs  Elum Designs

Gown Priscilla of Boston

Bridesmaids Multiple designs – Priscilla of Boston

Hair New Hair Revue – Bangor, Maine – Charity Baile

Makeup New Hair Revue – Bangor, Maine – Charity Baile

Ceremony Venue  Fox Fields Farm

Event Planner / Cordinator Fox Fields Farm, Lindy Stretch

Florist Lindy Stretch

Officiant Reverend Art Gowie

Music Ceremony The Coronados

Music Reception The Coronados

Catering Crocker House Inn

Cake Cranberry Island Kitchens

Tent / Rentals Wallace Tent & Rentals

Event Lighting Ambiance Lighting

Photobooth Maine photographers Blush Imagery

Favors Stonewall Kitchen

Honeymoon Greek & Turkish Isles

Indian Pond Country Club: KC & Linsay

* This was a very special event for me! My great friends, Tiff and Rick (left), were my former features editor and photo director at the Tribune back in my newspaper days. I have Rick to thank for my first two staff positions in photojournalism! He gave me countless hours of kindness, time and mentoring. When Rick and Tiff — now married with a gorgeous baby son, Nate — called in a favor for their sister’s Boston wedding event, I was more than happy to help! Now, I love their whole family!

On to our couple: Linsay and KC met at a new teacher orientation. They simply happened to sit at the same table. They hit it off immediately and started spending time together  playing pool, going bowling, playing mini-golf, etc. After about 5 months, they started seriously dating and everything and the rest is history, as they say! They were excited to get married in Plymouth Rock, MA this June in a daytime Sunday service surrounded by their close family and friends.

June 19, 2011. Linsay and KC wed.undefinedKC in the morning. Lovely.undefinedLinsay before the service. Love this sequence. I imagine it went something like this in Linsay’s mind,  “Whoa, this is big. No, I got it. Yes, I am good. Nope, I am going to start crying.”undefinedHappy hand-off by KC’s father, Rick.undefinedKC’s nephew, Nate, 2, breaks the ice by going to sit with Grandpa.undefinedSunday was a gorgeous day and the porch was intimate for family and friends. Everyone had a front row seat.undefinedKC kisses Linsay’s hand after placing her ring on! So sweet.undefined


If you can’t have fun in a golf cart on your wedding day, well then, what’s the point? Love that these ladies were not too cool for school. We all had a really good time!


KC and Lindsay with their families.undefinedKC and Linsay on the bridge together.undefinedKC and Linsay together.undefinedCute ‘share and bloom’ favors.undefinedRibbon and cupcakes.undefinedFirst dance.

A special Father’s Day song played to honor dads.undefinedKC’s family has a tradition of serenading the couple with Moon River.  Hysterical!undefinedLinsay covers her eyes proving that some family traditions will have to grow on you.undefinedFamily wrapped together in song. Great summer hats were wore by guest for the garden-esque event.